10 Best Basketball Games Offline 2020

Here are the best basketball games offline. You can play these games without connecting to the internet, and its a pretty fun thing to do.

The extent to which Basketball is being played worldwide can never be exaggerated. Factually, after cricket and football, Basketball is the most played sport across all nations. That’s enough testament to how widely accepted and played the game is across the world.

However, apart from the live gameplay, Basketball also has a place of reverence on the list of mobile games – smartphones, especially.

Although the smartphone game version may not be the same as the live game, you can be sure of experiencing as much fun and challenges while playing. These Basketball mobile games also allow players to hit several great style baskets, perform excellent skills, and, most times, even enables you to compete with your friends, rivals, and so on.

Basketball games on smartphones can either be played online or offline. That is, requiring an internet connection or otherwise.

Which you want to go for then depends solely on your choice and available resources, although we would recommend that you download and install the offline versions from our list of best basketball games offline.

Without gainsaying, there are several best basketball games offline, and all of these games are great and unique in their ways, save from a few anyway.

To this end, you must know which of these tons of games are the best, and worthy of your time.

In this article, we have curated a comprehensive list of the best basketball games offline that you can enjoy right from your smartphone. Hence, without any further ado, let us get down to business!

Best Basketball Games Offline For Android Phones

1. Ketchapp Basketball

Best Basketball Games: Ketchapp Basketball
Best Basketball Games: Ketchapp Basketball

The first on our list of best offline basketball games is Ketchapp basketball. As much as several persons may believe that this game is quite simple to play, we think that it isn’t as easy as they seem, and most importantly, it is tough to master.

Things we know

  • As a player, your mission in the game is to hit as much basket as possible. You are to do this by using your fingers to swipe the balls into a basket.
  • Ketchapp basketball features four game modes: Endless, Time Challenge, Bounce, and Multi Hoops. Each of these modes has its uniqueness and levels of difficulty.
  • The endless mode requires that you shoot the balls in the basket without having to miss, not even a single shot. It also implies that you are entitled to unlimited balls and time, and you just need to do is to shoot and score.
  • The bounce mode demands that you shoot the ball into the basket indirectly. That is, you must shoot the balls in such a way that sit bounces on the sidewall first before entering the basket. The more the number of strong bounces that you make, the higher your score goes.
  • The multi hoops mode features several baskets that are continuously moving around on your screen – not stationed. The more you score, the more levels you get to unlock.
  • Ketchapp Basketball is free to download and install.

2. Basketball Shoot

Basketball Shoot
Basketball Shoot

On the second spot, we have the Basketball Shoot. Not only that this game is relatively more comfortable, but it is also very addictive.

Things we know

  • Basketball Shoot features excellent graphics.
  • In this game, you aren’t competing with any players or opponents per se. Instead, your only resources are the ball and basket – you are required to score as many balls as possible into the basket. The more you score, the higher you progress in level.
  • Basketball Shoot presents you with limited balls, which translates that you must put your best into every shoot that you make if you really want to progress to the next level.
  • However, for every ball that enters into the basket, Basketball Shoot rewards you with an additional ball.
  • There are different basketballs available in this game. However, to enjoy them, they need to be unlocked and to unlock these balls, you need to complete the required missions.
  • Basketball Shoot is free to download and install.

3. Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle
Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is one that demands that you battle in a basketball game with your opponent – beat the opponent before such an opponent does.

Although this game features a not-so-well graphics, you can be sure of having paramount enjoyment while playing.

Things we know

  • Basketball battle is a one-on-one battle with an opponent to win as much point as possible. To win as much point as possible, you need to display excellent skills of dribbling, shooting, and so on. The player with the highest score wins the game.
  • You belong to a team of two players, although, only a player is allowed to play at a time.
  • Basketball Battle also allows full customization of players.
  • Basketball Battle features a relatively simple game control.
  • The number of stages that you overcome, the more the rewards you are entitled to, and also praises for your team.
  • Basketball Battle can be played in the multiplayer mode. Just that, to enjoy the game to the fullest in the mode, we advise that your phone has a relatively larger screen.
  • Download and installation are free.

4. Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars
Basketball Stars

Another exciting game on our list of best basketball games offline is Basketball Stars. Basketball Stars is an excellent multiplayer game, that, although designed to be an online game, also features offline play.

Things we know

  • Basketball Stars has excellent 3D graphics. So far, it’s the best we’ve seen.
  • This game is designed such that you are playing with different players, with the sole aim of having more scores that such opponents during a specified time.
  • Basketball Stars features two game modes: Shooting race & Attacker-defender.
  • The Attacker-Defender mode demands that you shoot and also defend. That is, you are attempting to score against your opponent while trying as much as possible to defend your opponent’s shots. In the end, you must have more successful shots than your opponent to win the game.
  • The shooting race mode doesn’t require that you defend your opponent from scoring. In tandem to its name, it is a race that demands that you outscore your opponent. That is, within a given time, you need to score more shots than your opponent to win the game. See it more like a shootout competition.
  • It allows the customization of players.
  • The game also features a career mode where you can finish levels and score points as much as possible.
  • Originally an online game, but now allows offline playing too.
  • Basketball Stars is free to download and install.

More Best Basketball Games Offline

5. Dude Perfect 2

Offline Basketball Games: Dude Perfect 2
Offline Basketball Games: Dude Perfect 2

Dude Perfect 2 is a little bit different from the other games discussed in this list. Instead of having to score as many basketballs in the basket as possible to win your opponent, Dude Perfect 2 requires that you shoot at the basket with different tricks. Plus, an incredibly limited number of shots.

The more you rise the stages, the more the number of shots reduce.

Things we know

  • You need to make perfect angles and different methods to ensure that your balls enter the basket. You can achieve even more incredible angles and techniques by unlocking better characters and also making use of different balls.
  • Dude Perfect 2 also features bowling balls that can be used to break hurdles and obstacles that may want to prevent the Basketball from entering into the basket.
  • There are several levels present in this game – way more than 100. And, of course, it gets tougher as you move higher.
  • Dude Perfect 2 is free to download and install.

6. Street Basketball Association

Street Basketball Association
Street Basketball Association

This one is more like the clash of clans of basketball games.

It features you, as a player, to create your team to battle with different clans and teams. Clans, in this regard, are groups of teams created by other users.

Street Basketball Association is created initially to fly online. But, at the moment, it can now be played without an internet connection too.

Things we know

  • Street Basketball Association can be played both online and offline. Just that, there are modes to each of them.
  • Street Basketball Association features excellent graphics and realistic representations.
  • In the offline mode, the modes you are open to playing in the Quick Match mode, League Match mode, and the 3-point Contest. There are also a few more features, though.
  • Street Basketball Association is free to download and install.

7. Stickman Basketball

Stickman Basketball
Stickman Basketball

The Stickman Basketball game is one that is a tad similar to Street Basketball Association, just that it includes a few fewer game modes and also includes stickmen.

As much as the game may seem quite simple to play, trust us to enjoy unlimited fun while playing.

Things we know

  • Stickman Basketball features more than thirty basketball teams, with different courts to play from and balls to play with. However, to unlock these courts and balls and teams, you need to clear different required levels.
  • Players have access to play different cups and seasons – you may also choose to play a quick match.
  • You are also allowed to choose the level of difficulty that you want, plus your timing and game mode. All these are you to set before you start the game.
  • Also, Stickman Basketball was designed to work initially online. But at the moment, players have now been availed the opportunity to enjoy the game offline too.
  • Stickman Basketball is free to download and install.

8. Jam League Basketball

Jam League Basketball
Jam League Basketball

Another exciting offline basketball game that you will definitely enjoy is Jam League Basketball.

This game demands that you play Basketball by showing how good you are with dunking, while also competing, trying to defeat your rival team.

Things we know

  • It is compatible with Android smartphones.
  • Jam League Basketball features excellent graphics and animations.
  • The game is played by two teams, with both teams having 2 players each.
  • Jam League Basketball features two game modes: Arcade mode and Multiplayer mode.
  • The Arcade mode requires that players slug it out with different teams across the world.
  • The Multiplayer mode allows players to invite their friends, and slug it out with them.
  • Basically, this game is about showing off your skills and winning as many points as possible in the process.
  • It allows full customization of characters.
  • The game can be played both offline and online – although, more enjoyable with an internet connection.
  • Jam League Basketball is free to download and install.

9. Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball
Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball, to us, is the simplest offline basketball game when compared to other games on this list.

It features an arcade-style of game, and is highly graphical (not as in “horrific”).

What you are expected to do as a player is to score the required points before your rival team does, in other to be crowned the winner.

It, therefore, translates that you will be playing with an opposing team; meaning, you will also belong to a team to play.

Things we know

  • It allows the full customization of your character.
  • Bouncy Basketball features a simple game control panel, which includes just taping to make the character jump, shoot, and defend, as the case may be.
  • On Bouncy Basketball, you can either play with the computer – i.e., single player – or play with your friends – multiplayer.
  • Bouncy Basketball is free to download and install.

10. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

Finally, the last on our list of best basketball games offline is NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball!

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball, arguably, is the most detailed and somewhat realistic game on this list, as it allows players to play with real teams, such as Lakers, The Bulls, and so on, and also real Players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and so on.

Things we know

  • NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball allows players to use real-life characters and belong to real teams too.
  • Players participate in leagues and seasons to win cups, rewards, and so on. You may also create and manage your team.
  • In the manager mode, you can exchange players – that is, buying players with the money you earned from playing, and also sell off your players.
  • You are playing in NBA events.
  • NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is compatible with Android devices.

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