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Best Android Apps That Pay You Money – 2019

Android apps that make you money

Best Android App That Pays You Money – 2019

Does this sound like a scam to you? If yes, sorry because you got it all wrong. As a matter of fact, you can make some cool bucks from spending just a few moments with an app on your Android device. Here it goes; taking surveys, viewing ads, and even doing online shopping on some online stores can fetch you those extra bucks that you need.

Sure, you will be so curious to know exactly how much you can earn from these apps. The truth is that your earnings are based on your level of commitment. Also, some of the apps don’t pay cash rewards; instead, you earn points which can later be converted to cash or gifts.

If you are ready to enjoy this new income stream, read on to know those apps that can fetch you extra cash from just a few clicks on your smartphone.

  1. Perk TV

Android Apps That Pay You Money

You can earn from Perks by taking quizzes, shopping, searching the net, watching videos, and many other things. The most amazing party of this app is that it doesn’t even require your full attention to earn points here. You can open Perks TV on your Android device and choose a video to play while you focus on other things that you have to do.

For each video you watch, you earn between $0.001-$0.003, and you can cash out once you make up to $5. And for payment, you get paid through PayPal or a gift card.

Available OS: iOS and Android


  1. Lucktastic

Android Apps That Pay You Money

If the thrills of playing lotto are your thing, this app is definitely where you need to dine. Lucktastic is an app that lets you play games that are similar to lotto tickets where you scratch off coated panel to win. You will get these tickets to scratch off every day and for everyone, you stand a chance of winning about 5-10 points.

The points you win can be converted to a cash prize, and if you hit luck hard, you may win an instant cash prize of about $10,000. Yes, that’s the power of the lottery, and it works here.

Once you have up to $10, you can cash out, and payment is made through Check, Amazon, Fandango, and GameStop gift cards.

Available OS: iOS and Android

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  1. Shopkick

Android Apps That Pay You Money

Do you like shopping? Here is the one you’ll love. Just by visiting online stores, scanning products barcode, and even buying some items, you can win a lot of points for that.

Well, things change a bit here. Different stores with different rules. Some stores require that you buy a product to earn points; others just need you to walk in the door and earn points.

However, offers change frequently, so you always need to keep an eye on offers to make those cool bucks from the sideline.

For each store you visit, product scanned or purchased, you earn about $0.25 – $1.50. Your payment is through Target, Walmart, Best Buy gift cards and others

Available OS: iOSAndroid


  1. iPoll

Android Apps That Pay You Money

Taking online surveys on iPoll gives you the chance to earn magazines subscription or even gift cards. The registration process to get started isn’t tedious. All that is required of you are some basic information about you, which will enable the app to assign you only to those surveys that match your interest.

Depending on your suitability for a survey, there is no limit to the number of surveys you can complete at a time or in a day. And the more survey you participate in, the more chances of earning more from this app.

You can earn between $1 – $10 per survey on this app, and this is dependent on the nature of the survey you participate in. Payment is through PayPal.

Available OS: Android and iOS


  1. Fronto

Android Apps That Pay You Money

What do you do in your leisure time? You can earn some money even when whiling away time by viewing some adds and you’ll be paid in return. Fronto works by placing ads on the lock screen of your smartphone. So, to earn points, you’ll need to view or interact with these ads. Points earned can be exchanged for coupons, Amazon gift cards, or even cash. Many people frown at the toll of data they’ll encounter in doing this, but since you aren’t doing any other task also, the points you earn is worth the time spent.

You can earn between $0.01 – $2 for each ads or interaction you complete. Payment is made through PayPal, Visa Amazon, Walmart, Google Play, Best Buy, or GameStop gift cards. With a minimum of $1, you can withdraw your earnings.

Available OSAndroid


  1. Ibotta

Android Apps That Pay You Money

This is another rebate or coupon system that rewards you each time you make purchases. With the Ibotta app, you can unlock offers for individual products at specific stores by merely clicking on them. Better still, you can also earn by answering some questions.

Worthy of mention is the fact that most offers from Ibotta are designed mainly for grocery although there is still room for electronics and clothing. If you are a frequent shopper, your earnings can add up pretty quick for withdrawal.

You can earn about $0.25 – $10 for each product you buy. Payment is made through PayPal, or gifts card from Best Buy, Starbucks, and Amazon. Minimum cash out amount is $20.

Available OS: iOSAndroid


  1. Gigwalk

Android Apps That Pay You Money

Unlike other money-making apps, Gigwalk is an individual activity-based app. All that is required of you in this app is to complete some task in your community. Depending on how much you are expecting to earn, you can choose to handle task that lasts for a few minutes or hours. Also, everything you are required to do is done on the app, so there is no need for email or paperwork.

Payment is made through PayPal once you complete a task, and it is marked as satisfactory by the client.

Available OS: Android and iOS


  1. Receipt Hog

Android Apps That Pay You Money

If you see other money-making apps as having too much hassles, you can do less with Receipt Hog and still earn much with this app. This app requires you to only scan receipts after shopping grocery and drugs. With this, you can earn points for each receipt scanned. Points earned are based on the amount you spent shopping. Besides earning points from scanned receipts, you can also earn extra points from a slot machine game.

In case you are wondering why Receipt Hog will pay you just for scanning your shopping receipt, this information is used for market research purposes. So, you are paid for offering such information to them.

You can earn about $0.025-$0.13 for each receipt scanned based on the amount you spent shopping. Payment is made through PayPal or Amazon gift card. Minimum cash out amount is $5.

Available OS: iOSAndroid


  1. Swagbucks

Android Apps That Pay You Money

Swagbucks tends to be very popular among apps that you can earn from due to its wide array of task you can do to earn points. Whichever your interest maybe, it is possible that you will either like to play games, take surveys, shop, watch videos, or even carry out an online search to earn points.

Well, while many people like this variety, others complain that Swagbucks looks a bit complicated to handle. Swagbucks has about eight different apps for iOS users and two for Android users. To make the most out of this app, it is advisable to choose a means of making the extra cash without doing the task that will demand so much time and energy from you.

For each task, you can earn between $0.01-$0.75, and you can cash out your payment through PayPal. You can also redeem your reward via gift cards from Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Walmart, and many others. Finally, you must make a minimum of $3 before you can seek for withdrawal.

Available OS: WebiOS and Android


  1. Surveys on the Go

Android Apps That Pay You Money

Different people need your candid opinion, and they are ready to pay you for that. You can anonymously share your opinion on a survey via Surveys on the Go. This survey, which will be used for market research, will help manufacturers to know exactly where to improve on their products for increased sales.

Although many people complain that rewards from the survey are minimal, if you are fortunate to take up a few more in a week, you are sure of some cool bucks into your pocket. And for Survey on the Go, it’s different from other surveys since it is upfront about its payment, and reward is in cash instead of points.

From Survey on the Go, you can earn from $0.25-$5.00 on each survey. Payment is made via PayPal, and you can only withdraw once you earn up to $10.

Available OSiOS and Android


  1. Elates

Android Apps That Pay You Money

Ebates is affiliated with more than 2000 online stores to refer buyers to these store via affiliated links. To earn from Ebates, you don’t need to visit the official website of an online store to make a purchase. Instead, visit Ebates and click the online store’s affiliate link to make your purchase.

You can earn between 3%-6% for every purchase made, and in some cases, you can even earn up to about 25%.

Available OS: Android and iOS.


Final Thoughts

Sure, you now see that your smartphones can serve you beyond just making calls and keeping up with trends on social media. Here are fantastic apps to kill time, and also having some cool bucks flying into your pocket just by playing games, shopping, taking surveys, and even watching movies.

Give any of these apps a shot, and it’s a sure bet that you’ll be glad you did.


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