10 Android Best Action Games

Android Best Action Games: One excellent way of testing your wits, reflexes, and of course, enjoying maximum relaxation of the nerves is action games.

Action games get your blood pumping, fingers busy, brain calculation, all in the bid of recording winnings. And over time, these games have grown from being a mere introduction into the gaming industry to being one of the most popular genres of games available on any platform at the moment.

However, there are several varieties of action games out there now, ranging from fighting games, shooters, platformers, adventure games, and so on. Several android gamers find themselves caught up in the web of choice-making—what action games is best for you?

Should you be seeking the best android action games, then you are on the right page on the net! In this post, I have provided you with a detailed list of android best action games that are available—you can be sure of having the best of experiences while playing every one of the android action games discussed in this post.

So, with little ado, let us get down to it!

Top 10 Android Best Action Games

N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy
N.O.V.A. Legacy

Are you a lover of science fiction? Do you crave such experience in games? If yes, then your perfect action game option is N.O.V. A Legacy!

N.O.V. A Legacy provides a high-definitive graphical gaming interface for its users on an android phone. This is one of the most optimized action games you can find for Android smartphones.

Another exciting feature worthy of mention about N.O.V. A Legacy is its ability to allow multi-playing sessions and can be played both offline and online, depending on gamers’ preferences.

Important Features

  • N.O.V.A Legacy allows users to engage in multi-player sessions, up to 8 players.
  • The storyline of this game is simply to fight against invaders, enemies, colonial forces, and so on.
  • Gamers are opportune to make use of sophisticated and modern weapons and sets of armor when fighting.
  • This game includes several campaigns and missions that players are expected to complete, such as sniper goals, shadow missions, and so on.
  • Features appealing 3D graphics and advanced visuals.
  • N.O.V. A Legacy can be played both online and offline.

Cover Fire

Android Best Action Games: Cover Fire
Android Best Action Games: Cover Fire

My second spot of android best action games is the Cover Fire action game.
Without gainsaying, it will be safe to say Cover Fire is one of the best—if not the best—shooting action game available for android users.

Cover Fire features cutting edge 3D graphics and visuals, including consoles for your mobile device. This game can also be played in different modes, all aimed at ensuring that your level of motivation doesn’t wane at any point when playing the game.

In Cover Life, you can play either as a marksman sniper, master shooter, or a commander. Overall, it contains a great storyline that you will most likely fall in love with it—the missions and the thrills!

Important Features

  • Cover Fire offers one of the most thrilling single-player gaming experience.
  • It can be played without an internet connection—offline mode.
  • It offers several zombies-killing events, sniper modes, survival challenges, and shooting modes to all players.
  • This game allows gamers to make use of an extensive range of weapons and armors.
  • Overall, you will enjoy a modern gaming experience as a player.

Kung Fu Commando

Kung Fu Commando
Kung Fu Commando

Kung Fu Commando is yet another enthralling action game on my list of android best action games. Taking the third spot in my ranking, Kung Fu Commando features a balanced and appreciable definition of graphic—as realistic as possible.

Playing this game allows you to enjoy several epic combos and action moves—all are realistic though. It is a free game, but also offers an optional in-game purchasing offer. The main deal about Kung Fu Commando is its practical nature.

Important Features

  • Allows gamers to choose their choice of game modes, according to their playing styles.
  • There are several playing characters that you can choose from, with all having unique skills, fighting styles, and movements.
  • Features an excellently responsive interface, which ensures that your gaming experience isn’t interrupted at no instance.
  • The challenges gamers are faced within this game are made to be as challenging as possible.
  • Features realistic and sharp 3D graphics and in-game environments.

Iron Blade

Iron Blade
Iron Blade

Are you a lover of RPG? Iron Blade may be your go-to option! This action game features dark forces, war heroes, medieval settings and environments, including magic and chaos.

Here, you aim to fight till you become a master warrior, monster hunter, warlord, and so on—the ladder keeps going higher and harder to beat. One of the most interesting thing about Iron Blade is its in-game settings, which takes a near-perfect resemblance of medieval Europe.

Important Features

  • Iron Blades features you playing the role of a savior, saving your kingdom from an army of domestic monster.
  • This game features a high qualitative level of graphics and visuals.
  • It also features creatures and monsters from your regular myths and epics.
  • It offers versatile skills for fighting, plus an extensive range of options to upgrade the skills.
  • Iron Blade allows you to create your kingdom, castles, army, and so on.
  • Overall, the game is user friendly and almost always glitch-free.

Overkill 3

Overkill 3
Overkill 3

Overkill 3 is yet another action-packed android game with thrilling audio-visual attributes. Moreso, it is seen as one of the best android action games that can be played both online and offline.

As a gamer, you can enjoy excellent visual, audio, and consoles effects while playing the Overkill 3 game.

The most notable feature of this game is its exciting and realistic storyline. It also features the multi-player option. Overall, Overkill 3 is an addictive action game that’s compatible with your android smartphone.

Important Features

  • It allows you to access the multi-player feature both offline and online.
  • There are several provisions for guns, ammunition, and other related elements of war.
  • It is highly flexible—as a player, you can craft, add, remove, and customize your choice of weapons.
  • Gamers are made to execute daily tasks and missions.
  • Thrilling audio-visual gaming experience.
  • Highly compatible with android devices.

Prison Escape

Prison Escape
Prison Escape

Having to solve puzzles and still engage in actions is thrilling and fun-filled. Or what do you think?

Don’t you want to have these in a game on your android phone? Hell, yes!

Prison Escape is a perfect embodiment of several actions and surprises. The storyline features that you, as a player, is a high-ranked criminal, kept in 24-hour guarded custody, with almost no route of escape. But then, your mission is to break off from your confinement.

You are expected to display your dexterity in solving puzzles and escape the prison. Overall, Prison Escape is an effective way of learning to deal with real-life experiences.

Important Features

  • This action game features realistic 3D graphics, plus open-world game that will mesmerize you.
  • It allows players to learn how to handle real-life experiences and hone their socialization skills.
  • It allows you to perform certain stunts while in battle.
  • Teaches you how brutal you can be, even with simple tools.
  • It features a wide variety of missions.

Death Invasion

Death Invasion
Death Invasion

Another excellent action game for android devices is Death Invasion.

What this game demands that you do is to shoot at your enemies and run. Overall, the storyline here is thrilling and touching combines.

This game features you, as a player, in a city infested with lots of zombies: regardless of where you go, you will always find zombies whose aim is to kill you—and your death translates to the end of your gaming session.

So, to sustain your survival, you need to find better ammunition and weapons, and a safe shelter too. However, to get these elements requires that you visit some of the deadliest places on the map—these parts are filled with more dangerous flesh-eating zombies. And sometimes, these zombies are tough to kill.

Overall, Death Invasion is an excellent action game for android phones.

Important Features

  • Players enjoy realistic and excellent 3D graphics when playing the game.
  • Easy controls
  • It features an impressive and exciting storyline.
  • It also includes stunning and breathtaking action scenes.
  • The game allows players also to make use of a wide variety of weapons and ammunition.
  • You can be sure of navigating easily and freely around the map with the aid of the TPS view option.

Alien Zone Plus

Alien Zone Plus
Alien Zone Plus

Are you a fan of science fiction action games on your android phone? If yes, then this game is for you.

Alien Zone Plus is packed with actions and charms. The storyline features creepy aliens invading your city, destroying and killing everything and anything: your goal is to kill these creatures, and ultimately save your city from the impending doom that they may cause.

This game has 22 stages; all displayed via an enthralling 3D user-interface that brings it to a position of near-reality. However, despite the sophisticated graphics this game has, its controls are simple and relatively fast.

Your job is to save your city from aliens—it requires activeness and intelligence.

Important Features

  • The game allows players to customize their costumes, weapons, and other related elements of war.
  • 3D graphics.
  • Features upgradeable characters. This is achieved by completing more missions.
  • It allows the full exploration of the map.
  • An excellent way of testing your fighting skills and limits.

Grand Action Simulator

Grand Action Simulator
Grand Action Simulator

For those who are particularly interested in police chases, getting killed, becoming a gangster, and so on, you may also want to replicate such actions and experiences in games too.

The Grand Action Simulator game is one of the best options to go for! GAS is one of the action games that you enjoy, swift and smooth gaming actions and experiences, plus a detailed environment.

The goal is to become a gangster in the city of New York and become the chief in every street there.

You should expect bigger mafia teams from Japan, Russia, Mexico, China, America, and so on. This tells you the extent of skill you need to invest in completing missions. The game offers an extensive range of weapons, vehicles, and so on, available in several shops scattered all over the city.

Important Features

  • This game has excellent 3D graphics, which makes it even more realistic.
  • It is customizable—you can customize your guns, outfits, and other elements to beef up your performance.
  • Access to explore the open-world map.

Alpha Guns 2

Alpha Guns 2
Alpha Guns 2

Finally, on my list of android best action games, I have the Alpha Guns 2!

The storyline of this action game illustrates a hero from the future whose aim is to help save the world from dangerous aliens. You are the hero from the future!

You’re provided with new and advanced weapons of war to aid your battle, but then, these aliens, too, have been positioned almost everywhere on the map.

You must not get killed. The game allows you to upgrade or change your weapons, all in the bid of destroying these aliens.

Also, Alpha Guns 2 includes the multi-player option, which will enable you to play with your friends online, competing for the top spot of the leaderboard.

Important Features

  • Includes the multi-player option.
  • It features a simple and straightforward gaming control system.
  • You get to play the game in a realistic and beautiful environment.
  • 3D graphics and appealing audio-visual effects.
  • Several levels of challenging tasks.

Final Thought

Undoubtedly, a lot of android best action games are available out there. However, as much as the choice of preference varies across several persons, I will be safe to regard the android action games discussed in this post are the best you can ever imagine.

Albeit, what’re your thoughts about this list of android best action games? Did you eventually play any of these games? What does your experience feel like? I hope you won’t mind sharing them with other readers and me via the comment section just below this post.


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