Best 5 Android Double Din Car Stereo – 2021 Review

Best 5 Android double din car stereo

Fitting an Android double din car stereo into your car will increase its performance immensely. These car stereos function just like an Android device. Some even work with iPhones. Apart from automating things for you, most of them also offer you safety when on the road.

Before purchasing an Android double din car stereo, you need to consider if your car has a single or double bin. Most people aren’t still sure whether their car is a double din or single din. Apart from these two, there is also a 1.5 din that falls between the single and double din, but it is rarely used. The 1.5 din size measures about 3 inches tall.

To determine if it’s a single din you have, measure the faceplate of your current head unit. If its measurement is roughly 7 inches long by 2 inches tall, then your car has a single din head unit, and you have to replace it with another single din unit.

To determine if it’s a double din, also measure the faceplate. If the faceplate measurement is roughly 7 inches long by 4 inches tall, then your car is a double din, and you will have to install another double din car stereo. You can use a single din unit with an installation kit as well, but you can’t use a double din unit in a single din. However, for a proper fit, it is preferable to use a double din unit in a double din.

If it is a double din your car has, then this article is for you. Even though this article is about the best 5 Android double din car stereo, the best out of it all is still the Dasaita 10.2-inch Android double din car stereo. It is designed with everything you will need to fully enjoy your car. However, variations have to be added based on budget-friendliness (Dasaita isn’t budget-friendly) and operating system.


1. Dasaita 10.2 inch Rotatable Large Screen Double Din Android 9.0 Car Stereo for Any Vehicle with a Double din Slot Radio with GPS Navigation 4G Ram 64G ROM Built in DSP Dash Kit Memory Card

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Dasaita is a Chinese brand that has been around for a while in the car stereo industry. It was founded over 11 years ago, so it’s expected of them to be one of the quality-assured car stereo manufacturers.
However, with their long years in this industry, they don’t have lots of car stereo models to their name, but the few they have are impressive. Possibly, their late release of newer models is their way of upgrading their car stereos so they can stay in a league of their own.
This Dasaita Android double din car stereo features all you will need to enjoy your car to the fullest and has impressive functionality. The panel size it fits into is 10.2 inches.
Over 53 kinds of languages are supported on this car stereo. Some of the popular ones are English, French, Russian, German, Arabic, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Thai, and Polish.

+ Android 9.0 PIE
+ DDR3 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM
+ Fast boot is about 3 sec on second use
+ Cold boot time is about 20-25 sec
+ Free software update support
+ Support 3G/4G Network and WiFi
+ Support sharing of phone hotspot with Android head unit.
+ FCAM input and application (for front camera display)
+ 3 USB ports for USB modem network, music, and USB dash camera display, all functioning at the same time.

Built-in RDS Radio
+ RDS radio receiver supports both FM/AM radio channels store.
+ Full automatic and semiautomatic way of searching for channels with accurate adjustment.

Hands-free Calling
+ Sync phonebook via Bluetooth
+ External mic and built-in mic for phone calls.

Built-in DSP
+ Rockchip PX6 64-Bit Quad-Core 1.4G and Dual-Core 1.8G CPU processor enhance the operating speed for a stable and smooth experience.
+ 15-band equalizer that will match any listening environment.
+ Built-in SD card slot supports 16G map card and up to 64GB USB drive with FAT32 format.

15-band EQ
+ Lots of customization options like jazz, pop, rock, flat, classical, voice, user, etc.
+ Controls include special effects and time alignment.
+ Adjustable speaker, volume levels, equalizer, and fader controls.
+ TDA7850 4*50W motherchip will make the audio sound clear even if it is on high volume.
High-Resolution IPS Screen
+ 10-inch big screen and 2.5D curved touch screen
+ IPS display screen with 1024*600 high pixel
+ Background image custom setting and multi-color button light

GPS +Glonass System
+ Supports voice guidance when using 3D maps.
+ Supports offline and online navigation apps, such as Wave, Google map, etc. All apps are downloadable from Google Play Store.
+ USA Google map installed before shipping.
+ External GPS for better signals.

Mirror Link
+ Supports mirror linking for Android and iPhone if the car play option is turned off
+ Easy connection app to mirror link
+ iPhone connects via WiFi with the same hotspot between the head unit and phone for the first connection
+ USB cable is used for Android connection for the first time, then WiFi and USB cable for subsequent connections
+ Supports Android Auto and Car Play (Car play dongle required)
Steering Wheel Control
+ Works with original steering wheel control (only on some car models)
+ Make your own steer wheel button mode
Supported Devices
+ OBD2, 3G/4G Modem, DVR camera, TV Turner, Carplay, and TPMS.
Safe Driving
+ Supports hands-free call and playing music
+ Supports steering wheel control (only on some car models)

— There are lots of Android double din car stereos that come with Android 10, but this Dasaita comes with Android 9.0 pie which is a late OS version. Even though it’s still very functional and can still perform as well as Android 10, there are still some restrictions you will encounter.

This Android double din car stereo is a bit pricey, but it’s expected because this is one of the best Android car stereos for double din cars you will find in the market. Besides, it’s one of the few that takes users’ experience into full consideration. Their screen is designed to be rotatable and this improves users’ experience a great deal. Any angle that is most comfortable for you, you can rotate it to the angle.


2. [New] ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PR Double DIN Android Car Navigation Stereo – 2X Bluetooth with aptX – Quick Charge/Ultra Preamplifier – in Dash Entertainment Multimedia Radio, WiFi, Support 256G SD &More

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Just like Dasaita, ATOTO is another well-known brand that has been around for over 12 years. They are known for making budget-friendly car stereos packed with lots of features. The price is a major reason why ATOTO A6 Pro is a popular choice among people. It is very affordable. Budget-minded people who want to get their cars fitted with lots of Android features will find ATOTO A6 PRO very affordable.
ATOTO A6 PRO offers a quick-charge for your phone when it is low so you can keep utilizing it. It also has an automatic inner clock that counts the number of days your car has been parked, and if it is more than 7 days it will automatically power off to save your car battery power.
Moreover, ATOTO is known for designing their car stereos with lots of features so you can basically turn it to your phone while driving just like Dasaita, but still, they are a little behind Dasaita when it comes to operating systems. ATOTO A6 PRO runs on Android 6.0 marshmallow OS which is outdated, unlike Dasaita that runs on Android 9 Pie. However, ATOTO still offers firmware updates every week and month when necessary.
This double din car stereo will fit into this panel sizes 173mm*97mm, 178mm*101.5mm, 205mm*104mm, 8in VW specific, Ultra 10.1inch. You can access ATOTO A6 PRO in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese.

+ 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM
+ Android 6.0 marshmallow OS
+ Full HD 7″ 1024*600 5-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen
+ 1000cd/m2 display screen
+ Boot time of 2s
+ Wi-Fi IC with 5Ghz band connection
+ Reversing camera input
+ Connect 3 devices at the same time (one for audio, two for data communication)

+ Built-in FM/AM Radio Tuner w/ RDS
9-band EQ
+ 9-band EQ with 12 section adjustable frequency
+ Media ID3 info for singer name, song name, and album synchronization when streaming audio

+ Built-in GPS receiver module with an external GPS antenna
+ Pre-installed Google map app as default GPS map
+ Download certain area offline map data for offline navigation
+ Installation of other navigation/map apps from Google Play Store

Phone Mirroring/Casting
+ Pre-installed apps available
+ USB and Wifi connection available for Android device, Air-play connection available for iOS device
+ Built-in EasyConnect app for USB/WiFi to cast phone to ATOTO PRO A6 screen

+ Built-in microphone and external microphone
+ External WiFi antenna

Hands Gesture
+ Hand gesture option to adjust volume system, skip tracks, and perform other operations quickly.

Safe Driving
+ Voice dialing feature on Hound app from Google Play Store

CONSOutdated Android OS

ATOTO A6 PRO would have been the perfect car stereo to replace Dasaita, especially since it’s budget-friendly, but there is a certain thing that makes this impossible — their outdated Android OS. Even though you can still enjoy its awesome functionality in your car, it will be hard to upgrade its functionality beyond that. For a tech-savvy person, this might put you at a disadvantage.


3. Eonon 2020 Double Din Car Stereo, Android 10 Radio with Bluetooth 4.0, Eonon 10.1 Inch Car Radio Android Head Unit Car Stereo with Navigation with WiFi/Fast Boot/Backup Camera(NO DVD/CD)-GA2187

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This is another brand of in-car audio and video products. They have been around for over 18 years and this is longer than several other brands. Eonon is the oldest brand on this list. Their car stereos are not fitted with multitudes of features, it is mostly about functionality to them.
Moreover, most of their products have similar features. Only a few distinctions will be found, mostly an upgrade. This 2020 Android double din car stereo is still their best so far. One of the things that set it apart from Dasaita and ATOTO A6 PRO is its splitting screen. If you want to multitask you can split the screen to make it easier for you. You can also adjust its viewing angle to a more comfortable angle for you.
Eonon offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason. They also offer an 18-month warranty for any quality-related issue.


+ Android 10
+ 10.1 HD IPS screen
+ 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM
+ Fast boot of 1 sec
+ WiFi and 4G (requires 4G dongle).

DSP(Digital Sound Field Processing)
+ Powerful 56-bit double-precision mode for adjusting audio signal in every aspect.
+ Supports MAX output power 4 x 45 W for wider sound when listening to music.

Built-in Apple Car Auto Play
+ Connection to an iPhone provide full functionality of your iPhone on the car stereo display
+ Send and receive text messages, make calls, get directions, and listen to music.
+ Compatible with iPhone 5 and later.

IPS Display
+ 10.1 inch IPS display offering true-to-life color and adjustable to any angle
+ Touch button design

+ Offline and online map for navigation, or use of a map card
+ Runs navigation apps like Wave, Google maps, etc.
+ Up-to-date roadway information and clear driving instructions.

+ Clear driving instructions

CONS — It has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, this is lower than most 2020 double din car stereo from other brands.

Their marketing strategy cannot be overlooked. Unlike other brands, they offer gifts after every purchase. Buying one car stereo will earn you 3 free accessories. The accessories are usually things you can use in your car, so it is a very good marketing strategy on their part. Some people purposely buy this Eonon Android 2020 double din car stereo just for the freebies because it cuts costs. If you are an Android car stereo buyer that is inclined to functionality and freebies, Eonon is a great choice for you.


4. PUMPKIN Android 10 Car Stereo Double Din with 4GB+64GB PX6, GPS, WiFi, Support Fastboot, Android Auto, Backup Camera, USB SD, 7 Inch Touch Screen

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PUMPKIN hasn’t been around for a long time. They started gaining ground in 2014 and since then they have had some major wins in the car stereo industry. This PUMPKIN Android 10 Car Stereo double din is one of their best so far.
It features everything you will need in an Android car stereo and its functionality is impressive. It is designed with Android 10 OS just like Eonon 2020 double din car stereo.
PUMPKIN double din car stereo comes with an Android auto feature and screen mirror feature, but to utilize it you will need to get a B07N63L8L5 USB AutoPlay Dongle.
The frame size it works with is 178mm*100mm, and PUMPKIN offers an 18-month warranty.

+ Android 10 OS
+ 4GB RAM and 64GB Nand Memory.
+ High-performance Rockchip PX6 64bit processor for faster speed when multi-tasking.
+ Audio output of 4*50W Max
+ Fast boot of 1 second from second use
+ 1024X 600 HD touchscreen and support for 4K/ 1080P HD video,

+ NXP TEF6686 radio IC
+ Built-in AM/ FM tuner (worldwide)
+ RDS Radio

+ Support voice guidance and 3D Maps, radio/ USB playback while navigating
+ Support offline and online navigation apps like Synic, Waze, and Google
+ Pre-loaded with Google map
+ No offline map data
Steering Wheel Control
+ Change the track on support resistance based analog signal input steering wheel.
+ Trouble codes and real-time data from vehicle computers

WIFI/4G internet
+ Comes with a 4.9ft (1.5m) long antenna for improved signal reception
+ 4G internet with external local WCDMA 4G bandwidth SIM card, and external USB 4G modem.

+ Support RCA type reverse camera input
+ Automatic switching to reverse screen when reversing the car.

+ Support voice commands when making phone calls, using the maps, listening to music, and accessing messages.
+ Built-In/ External Microphone for hands-free calling
+ Support A2DP audio streaming, Phone Book, quick search contacts function

— Less functionality unlike Dasaita and ATOTO A6 PRO

If you are the type who likes to consider a brand’s authority in a particular niche before purchasing their product, you might want to change your mind with this PUMPKIN double din car stereo. Everything about this car stereo is impressive. Even though it is not packed with features like Dasaita, it is still very okay for your car. Besides, comparing its price with that of Dasaita, there is a huge difference.
With their impressive functionality and the necessary Android car stereo features they have, it’s expectable that their future releases should be able to stand side by side with Dasaita and ATOTO.


5. Vanku Android 10 Car Stereo Double Din with 64GB+4GB RAM PX6, GPS, WiFi, Support 1s Fastboot, Android Auto, Backup Camera, USB SD, 7 Inch Touch Screen Head Unit

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Vanku is a relatively new company. It has been around for about 6 years. Vanku and PUMPKIN are still the newest Android double din car stereo on this list.
When comparing this Android double din car stereo with Dasaita, there are lots of differences between them. Affordability is one of them. Vanku is a budget-friendly choice. It’s much cheaper than Dasaita. Moreover, it has Android 10 0S whereas Dasaita has Android 9 Pie. If you’re tech-savvy then Vanku will be a better option for you. You will be able to download several apps on Vanku but not on Dasaita car stereo.
These are the major things that Vanku has that Dasaita doesn’t. When it comes to in-car functionality, Vanku cannot match Dasaita. The audio quality of Dasaita is better, it has a pre-installed map, and its processor functions better than Vanku’s Andriod car stereo.
Besides, considering the huge difference in their price, it’s expected that Dasaita double din car stereo has more features than Vanku double din car stereo. ATOTO A6 PRO would have been a closer Android car stereo to consider beside Vanku, based on budget-friendliness, if not for its unimpressive Andriod OS which is 6.0 Marshmallow.
Moreover, Eonon and Pumpkin are other choices that can be considered instead of Vanku. However, for one reason or the other Vanku might be the only choice available for you to get. Regardless, it is a very good Android double din car stereo with impressive functionality.
Vanku offers an 18-month warranty on this Android 10 double din car stereo.

+ Android 10 0S
+ 4GB RAM and 64 GB ROM
+ 1024X 600 HD touchscreen
+ Supports 4K/ 1080P HD video
+ Rockchip PX6 3399 64bit processor
+ Audio output: 4*50W Max
+ Fast boot time of about 1 sec on second use.
+ Supports 64GD SD card.
+ 4G internet (external USB 4G modem and your local WCDMA 4G bandwidth SIM card. Comes with free 4.9ft long WIFI antenna)

+ NXP TEF6686 radio IC
+ support AM/ FM/ RDS Radio

+ Supports online and offline navigation app like Sygic, Waze, Google
+ Supports voice guidance and 3D maps
+ Support radio/ USB playback while navigating

Steering Wheel Control
(Works with resistance based analog signal input steering wheel)
+ OBD2 (Extra device required)
+ Real-time trouble codes and data from vehicle computers

+ Support RCA type backup camera
+ Automatically switches to reverse screen when reversing.

+ Voice commands for making phone calls, using maps, listening to music, and accessing messages.
+ Built-In and external microphone for hands-free calling
+ Supports A2DP quick search contacts function.

— Less functionality unlike Dasaita and ATOTO A6 PRO

With Vanku’s impressive functionality and the availability of necessary Android car stereo features, it’s expectable that their future releases should be able to stand side by side with Dasaita and ATOTO.
Just like Pumpkin, Vanku also comes with an Android auto and screen mirroring feature, but you will need to get a B07N63L8L5 AutoPlay Dongle.


Most people experience burnouts after installation. For others, it is the car stereo features that are unresponsive. The reason why these occur has to do with the wiring of the Android double din car stereo to your car. Make sure it is a professional technician that installs if for you. There are lots of videos online on how to install it yourself, if you don’t mind a trial and error approach, then this is a great way to go, but if you want to start using the features of the car stereo immediately, hiring a professional to do it for you is still the best option.
Moreover, you can contact the manufacturer of your Android double din car stereo to offer you installation advice and guideline. Most of them offer free lifetime customer support.
All the Android double din car stereos featured in this article are some of the best. Apart from their functionality, the brand producing them are also considered. There are other Android double din car stereos with more functionality than the ones listed, but they don’t last long, and their efficiency is not guaranteed due to the frequent malfunctions that occur in them.


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