5 Best Android Watches With Fall Detection and Emergency Calls

Does Android Watch have fall detection?

Android watches with fall detection and emergency calls are a novelty in the medical and fashion industry. They don’t just offer protection; their sleek designs also serve as fashion statements.

The focus was primarily on Apple watch series 4, but it was limiting because it only worked with iPhones. This has made several wearable technology manufacturers consider an alternative for Android users.

As of now, GreatCall Lively Wearable 2 is still the only watch that offers fall detection for Android users. Fitbit and Samsung are also next in line to incorporate this into their watches. There have been speculations over time that they will soon be incorporated in their future updates. Besides, in past updates, Samsung has stated it will include fall detection in its watch.

In the meantime, there are several other watches you can use for tracking your health and fitness, calorie count, sleep, heart rate, and so on. All these play a massive role in maintaining good health, and when things get complicated, most of the watches allow you to make emergency calls.

At a glance: Our top 3 picks

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Smartwatch for Men and Women, Wear OS by Google, Dual-Layer Display 2.0, Long Battery Life

Lively Wearable2 Mobile Medical Alert Plus Fitness Tracker

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44mm, GPS, Bluetooth), Aqua Black (US Version)

How fall detection works

The sensor used for detecting falls is the accelerometer. It is a type of radio wave technology sensor. The fall detectors notice abrupt changes in body positions, and it also measures physical activity and the smoothness of acceleration during movements. Once it detects a fall, the emergency fall alert is triggered and a call is automatically initiated to emergency response agents.

Best Android watch with motion detector and emergency calls – GreatCall Lively Wearable2
Best Android watch with medical help – CPR Guardian II Smartwatch and TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Cellular Smartwatch
Best Android watch for fitness – Fitbit Versa 2 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

1. GreatCall Lively Wearable 2

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This watch has a sleek design. It is also designed to have a firm fit on the hand. Lively Wearable 2 gives you access to health and safety services with just the push of a button by connecting to your phone via the Lively app.
Once you’re connected, you will also have access to a highly-trained 5Star Urgent Response Agent for any emergency you find yourself in, either major or minor. The agent will evaluate your situation so the appropriate help can be sent. After your situation has been determined, you will be located through your phone GPS technology and help will be sent to you. The 5Star IAED-Certified Agents that you will be connected to, have a speedy call response time.

For the fall detection on Lively Wearable 2 to work, the specially designed lanyard that comes with this watch has to be worn around the neck. Your health and safety are guaranteed once it is worn because the moment the fall has been detected, the 5Star IAED-certified Agents will have help coming your way before the complication becomes fatal. If the lanyard isn’t worn on the neck, it might not detect your fall.

Once an emergency has been detected, your family members will receive an alert on their phone too.
Lively Wearable 2 also features a step tracker that measures your daily step count as a way of monitoring your health and fitness goals. Also, this watch is water-resistant, so when in the rain or when you are sweating, you need not worry about it getting faulty.

On the Lively app, you will receive daily health tips for staying safe and healthy. The service plan of this watch is low but relatively functional than most medical alert services.


2. CPR Guardian II Smartwatch

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This smartwatch is a great choice when looking for medical help wristwatches for seniors and vulnerable adults. It doesn’t just keep track of the senior’s health but also gives feedback to the custodian. CPR Guardian II Smartwatch allows the custodian to keep track and get accurate data of the wearer in real-time.
It is designed to be easily accessible with its super responsive touch screen. The soft hypoallergenic watch strap makes it suitable to be worn for long hours.

The red SOS button can be used during an emergency. There are preset emergency contacts that the wearer can instantly call by holding the red SOS button. It offers up to 30 trusted phonebook contacts that the wearer of this smartwatch can use in making and receiving phone calls and voice messages, either leisurely or during an emergency.

Using the CPR Guardian II app, custodians can check the wearer’s GPS location and monitor the wearer’s daily walking activity.

This smartwatch monitors the wearer’s heart rate every 10 minutes. The heart rate status of the wearer is sent to the CPR Guardian II app. A warning notification message will be sent to the app if the watch notices a low heart rate of below 30 beats per minute.

The smart location tracking of this smartwatch uses the CPR Guardian II App to track the wearer’s location during an emergency. If the wearer is outside, it uses GPS technology to track their whereabouts. If the wearer is inside, it tracks the wearer’s location using WIFI access point tracking.
Geo-Zones are a virtual radius around a location, such as a park or a house. Custodians can set geo-zones so they can be alerted anytime the wearer leaves a particular geo-zone. The wearer’s route history for the previous two days can also be viewed.

It has an IP67 waterproof rating. The wearer can bath or use the shower with this smartwatch on their wrist.
This smartwatch is designed with a magnetic charging cable of high quality. You can utilize the quick charge feature of 1.4 hours to boost the smartwatch’s battery life if it’s low.
There is no ongoing service charge. The Speedtalk Prepaid Sim included provides nationwide 2G mobile coverage on the T-Mobile Network.


3.TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Smartwatch for Men and Women, Wear OS by Google, Dual-Layer Display 2.0, Long Battery Life

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This watch has a stylish yet functional design. It has a knurled stainless steel back, water-resistant speaker, polyamide and glass fiber watch case, gorilla three anti-fingerprint cover glass, aluminum back cover, and lightweight silicone strap.

It is designed to look rugged. It has the US military standard 810G certified durability that allows it to withstand extreme and severe conditions, such as high and low temperature, dust, humidity, and so on. If you want to use this watch in the pool or in the rain, it also has an IP68 waterproof rating, meaning your watch won’t be destroyed in water.

There is cellular connectivity for Verizon phone plan users. You can make instant calls and send texts, stream music, utilize the emergency SOS auto-dial that calls 911 and share your location, cloud sync notifications and control smart home devices. To use some of these features you have to use the Verizon app to activate the 4G/LTE features.

To utilize smart sleep tracking you’ll need to download the TicSleep app on the watch. Once your phone is connected to the watch, you will track your sleeping progress via the mobvoi app on your phone. You will be able to see how you alternate between light, deep, and rem sleep.

It features Google Assistant for voice controls. Google play store is also integrated into the watch so you can download any app you want quickly. Also, you can pay bills from your wrist using Google Pay.
This watch is designed with two display mode options for longer battery life. The Smart mode and the Essential mode. The first one will give you a battery life of 2 days while the latter (if the auto switch to Essential mode is turned on) will give you up to 5 days battery life. When on Cellular usage, you will get around 18 hours of battery life.

It comes with TicPulse technology that offers 24hr heart rate monitoring and warns you of abnormal heart rate. There are daily heart rate line charts and interval distribution. It also has a 7-day heart rate history.
The integrated TicMotion technology detects fast walking, tracks running, and swimming activities using built-in GPS. It records all the gathered fitness records. There are six smart sport modes.


4. Fitbit Versa 2

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Fitbit Versa 2 is designed with polished glass, elegant curves, and a premium aluminum finish. This watch embraces elevated aesthetics and also offers great comfort. The lightweight of the velvety silicone band makes it comfortable to wear this watch all day and night.

This smartwatch has a lot of built-in features. The most prominent is the built-in Amazon Alexa. With Amazon Alexa, you can check the weather, use your voice to create alarms, set reminders and bedtimes, control your smart home devices, and so on. To use Amazon Alexa’s voice feature with some smart devices, you might need third-party apps.

There is a sleep tracker that tracks your sleep quality at night. The scores are based on your heart rate, restfulness, and time asleep. Your score will help you know if you’re sleeping well or need to improve before it affects your health. You can also use this sleep tracker to track your time in light, deep, and rem sleep stages. This gives you a better insight into the kind of sleeper you are.

You can track your heart rate 24/7. You can also track your hourly activity, active minutes, steps, distance, floors climbed, and calories burned.

To see your stats clearly, this watch has a large display and an always-on feature.
You will receive calls, calendar pop-ups, texts, and other app notifications of your smartphone on this watch. However, this is only possible if your smartphone is nearby. You can send quick replies and voice replies to the person who called or texted.

This watch has a synching range of up to 6.1 meters.
It has a battery life of about 4 days. However, this varies because the battery life will be less than 4 days if you’re a heavy user and use a lot of features. If you’re a light user, you can get up to 7 days.


5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

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This watch is sleek and lightweight. It comes in aluminum or stainless steel and has a variety of bands, faces, and finishes. You can rock it on any type of cloth. It is also comfy so you can wear it everywhere.
This watch doesn’t just track steps and count calories like other watches, it also offers insights on your running style (or any other exercises) to your heart rate, and you can act upon these insights to improve your goals and stay safe. Your popular sports automatically start tracking. You will have to add other sports you want to track manually.

The built-in sleep tracker helps you get better sleep at night. Your stress levels are monitored and this watch enables you to relax better with the integrated calm app. You will be automatically alerted if this watch detects a high or low heart rate.

The voice command used in this watch is Bixby. You can use it to make calls, read or send a text, or crank up the Spotify’s playlist. The audio playing format supported are MP3, M4A, 3GA, AAC, OGG, OGA, WAV, WMA, AMR, AWB. You can also stream YouTube and Spotify, get quick help with Google translate, and create customizable replies.

It has a long-lasting battery that you can use for more than 5 days on a single charge. With Qi-compatible Samsung devices, you can get a quick boost with the wireless power share. If you’re on the go, wirelessly connect the watch to your Galaxy phone and quickly boost your watch battery life.
Samsung pay is integrated into this watch. If you forget your wallet at home, you can use this watch to offer payment at most standard checkout.

All the watches featured on this list are some of the best to opt for if you need something stylish yet packed with a lot of features and very efficient. In the future updates of these watches, there is a huge possibility of fall detection and emergency calls to be incorporated. We will keep you updated when this happens.


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