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12 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android 2020

Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android 2020:

Here are some of the best alarm clock apps for Android in 2020, and we can’t wait to share with you this fantastic collection of apps.

We understand how important it is to work on time, and while we sleep, there is need to wake up on time.

Back in the 90s, nobody would predict easily that Android devices would offer the function of the alarm clock, but here we are in 2020.

Loads of apps will help you wake up every morning in a gentle way, and we have outlined them for you.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

1. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

If you need a simple but yet features filled best alarms clock apps for Android, alarm clock for Heavy Sleepers is all you need.

This app has a whole load of features that will blow your mind away like countdown alarms, recurring alarms, one-time alarms. It works with Android wear, sleep stats, and a lot more.

One feature I love most is the alarms for bedtime that will allow you to get enough sleep before waking you up in a gentle way.

With alarm for heavy sleepers, you get up in the morning feeling happy.
You can get the Android app in the Google play store below.

2. Alarmy

Aside from being one of the best alarm clock apps for Android, this app is a must try.

It comes with a simple but effective strategy of making sure you wake up when it’s time. An example is a photo-taking option, where you get to take a photo of something, and when the alarm is ringing, you get to snap that same photo to shut the bell up.

There are other modes of silencing the alarm that includes; Shake Mode, Barcode Mode, and Maths Mode if the photo taking doesn’t go away with you.

For me, the photo taking mode is handy because if I take a shot of the frying pan in the kitchen when the alarm goes on in the morning before I get to the frying pan in the kitchen, the sleep is gone. This feature works for me.

Get it from App Store below.

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3. Go Clock

Go Clock is among the top 5 best alarm clock apps for Android. That is because this alarm app is both beautiful and functional.

I love the built-in calendar, health-based reminders, and a bedside clock display that gives you a fantastic experience.

Go clock is the top choice for you if you like beautifully customized alarm clock apps.

This app is completely free. You should get it from Google play store.

4. Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm clock Xtreme is an incredible alarm clock app for Android with an elegant interface.

This app has a math solving mode to make sure you don’t fall asleep after it goes off. I love this feature as it helps you wake up faster.

However, you can set up a quick non-recurring alarm without much stress.

The beautiful feature about this app is that you have the option to select how you start your day. You have the option of a ringtone, music, or even the radio.

Amazing right?

You also get to see the vital information you need once you wake up in the morning because your alarm clock app is synced with your calendar.

best alarm clock apps for Android 2019 download

5. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle does more than waking you up in the morning. It analyses your sleep behavior by monitoring your body movements while you sleep. This sleep analysis is tracked using your phone accelerometer.

In waking you up, the app observes through your sleep cycle and spot when you are in your lightest phase of sleep and wake you up.

You can also enjoy sleep notes and in-depth graphs and statistics.

6. Early Bird Alarm Clock

Early Bird Alarm Clock is one basic app that serves the function of waking you up in the morning well.

You get to change your theme to give the alarm app a different look.
There are other features like alarm challenge, weather, and many more that will wow you.

There is a free version that shows ads, and there is an option for in-app purchase that removes the ads and gives a better experience.

Get early bird alarm clock from Google play store below and let us know if you like it.

7. Google Assistant

Google Assistant serves many functions, and it includes alarm services. You can set up an alarm on Google assistant by just saying, “wake me up by 6 am.”

The app syncs with your calendar and offers you personalized services. The app also supports countdown timers, reminders, etc. It goes through the stock alarm clock app on your Android phone to give you a seamless experience.

I find Google assistant as a decent option as it does offer a whole lot of functions aside from the alarm function.

By saying “Hey Google” you don’t only set up your alarm clock but also, control your music, make an appointment and send messages, open apps on your phone, read notifications to you and a whole lot.

Most Android phones come with Google assistant, but if yours doesn’t go with it, you can download it from the Google play store below.

8. AMdroid

If you are a lover of sleek interfaces, then the design of AMdroid interface will wow you.

But, AMdroid isn’t just the best in beautiful interface design; there are also some fantastic features that make this app among the best alarm clock app for Android.

Features like a wake-up challenge, this builds you on waking up early without snoozing the app. You also get to customize your alarm profiles and optional auto-disabling of alarms on public holidays.

Another mind-blowing feature is that you get to make your alarm to be aware of your location by this, your alarm knows when you are at home or when you are not.

Check out AMdroid on Google play store by clicking below.

9. Waking News Alarm Clock

Waking News Alarm Clock is a non-conventional alarm clock that wakes you up by briefing you of daily news from a variety of news sources.

This app also offers the usual alarm clock function like setting multiple alarm and report on the weather.

You get music in place of music or ringtone, and that makes this app one unique alarm clock for Android.

About the App: The app is from Yahoo Inc. You get news briefings from a variety of sources including business news from Yahoo finance, Sports news from Yahoo Sports, technology news from Engadget, and many more news sources around the world.

Get this app from Google play store below for free.

best alarm clock apps for Android download

10. Good Morning Alarm Clock

The morning alarm clock is one fantastic app that shares the same feature with the Sleep Cycle alarm app that was shared above.

You should know that we have different phases of sleep. Sometimes, it’s deep, and sometimes it’s light.
What Good morning alarm clock does is to wake you up during your light phase when you are most likely to wake up without stress.

It uses the accelerometer to track your movement and the more movement your body makes, the more likely you are to wake up.

Its an intelligent wake-up feature makes it one of the best alarm clock app on the Google play store.

You can also find in-depth statistics of your wake-up time and total sleeping time. It keeps a record of your snooze time and many more features that you will love.

Get Good Morning Alarm Clock App Below.

11. Timely

This alarm clock app for Android is entirely free. It is own by Google and offers a pretty fantastic user interface.

With timely, you get features like timer, alarms, themes, and a clock.
You also have the Smart Rise feature that comes with a custom made alarm tones that will make your morning colorful.

With its regular update, you get the best of the timely alarm clock.
Get Timely from Google play store for free.

12. Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is one of the most advanced alarm clock apps you can find in the Google play store.

With Sleep as Android, you can integrate it with your wearable gear that includes smartwatches and fitness monitors.
You can also integrate with Spotify and start tracking how you sleep. You can see from the monitoring if you have a sleep deficit, sleep talking, snoring detection, and even jet lag prevention.

In conclusion, these are the best alarm clock apps for android you can ever find on the internet. If you want to do more than waking up to ringtones in the morning, then you should try apps like Sleep cycle, Sleep as Android and others.

You can also try other best alarm clock apps for android like Waking News Alarm Clock that gives you news updates as an alarm.

Share with us the alarm clock app that you have tried on your android phone let’s keep updating this post. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.


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