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12 Best Android N64 Emulators 2020

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You may have been wondering what the all-time best console is. Of a truth, all of these consoles are special and unique in their way.

The thing is, every one of them has their means of revolutionizing gaming experiences, with each of them having, at some point in time, brought incredible technological innovations in several ways.

Having understood all of these, you will realize that handpicking the best console ever is a tough decision to make. However, regardless, it is safe to say that the Nintendo 64 is the best!


Let us go down memory lane as far as 1998. We will realize that the N64 console’s popularity can never be exaggerated. However, there were several successors during these times, with most of them doubling as close competitors, talk about SNES, Sony’s competing console, and so on.

Notwithstanding all of these, arguably, Nintendo 64 appears to be the most powerful, plus recording the most sales. Their platform was more than home to several famous and essential games in gaming history.

As a gaming console with so much popularity, both in the past and present times, it is safe to regard it as the all-time best gaming console. Needless to describe its seamless graphics and 64-bit architecture are also reasons; several gamers chose it as their favorite.

Nintendo 64 features a better percentage of some of the best classic games, including Mortal Kombat, Pokemon Stadium, Legend of Zelda, Worms Armageddon, Spiderman¸ 007 Goldeneye, Disney Tarzan, etcetera.

Now, the good news herein is that all of these N64 games, and even more, mentioned in the just-concluded paragraph, can be played on your Android Device!


Without gainsaying, there are several android N64 emulators out there. However, you must know that some of these emulators either lack certain essential features or do not support as many games as you may want.

Hence, impeding your desired gaming experience. Consequently, having conducted a detailed analysis on almost all – if not all – of the N64 emulators available, we have shortlisted the 12 best Android N64 emulators herein this article.

Please note that this list is curated after comparing and contrasting their features, popularity, performance, and other related criteria. So, without any further ado, let us get straight into it.

12 Best Android N64 emulators

1. MegaN64

MegaN64 - Best Android N64 Emulators
MegaN64 – Best Android N64 Emulators

Top of our list of best Nintendo 64 emulators for Android is the MegaN64 emulator.

Despite being a free and easily accessible emulator, MegaN64 is touted as one of the emulators with the most features.

We won’t be far from saying that MegaN64 is the most loved emulators by gamers, as they boast more than 10 million downloads. 

Top Features

  • MegaN64 is free to download and easily accessible.
  • To enjoy your favorite game while making use of the MegaN64 emulator, you need to add the game files to the storage of your mobile phone.
  • It’s regularly updated. Hence, causing regular improvement in performance. The emulator’s latest update releases sufficed for several models of smartphones, including the Galaxy and Nexus series, plus several User Interface improvements too.
  • It offers gamers a unique gaming experience, plus a nostalgic feeling.
  • Relatively poorer on compatibility. Hence, it may not support some games.

2. Emulator for N64

Emulator for N64
Emulator for N64

As much as you may want to infer from this emulator’s name that it is “regular” and maybe “ordinary,” you can’t be too sure as Emulator for N64 has one of the most incredible features among other emulators!

Also, despite being a relative newcomer in the industry of emulators – 2017 – it is safe to say that it is the most updated and somewhat offers the best optimization, such that it is compatible with several kinds of N64 games.

However, do not confuse this emulator for another with the same name, but developed by RobertApp.

Top Features

  • It is touted to be the most updated and optimized emulator for Nintendo Games.
  • This emulator supports compressed files, including .rar and .zip.
  • It also allows gamers to enjoy the multiplayer option.
  • Emulator for N64 features an excellent controller layout too.
  • Customizable, and also supports the use of cheat codes. 
  • Great performance!

3. Mupen64Plus FZ


Third on our list of N64 emulators for android devices is the Mupen64Plus FZ emulator.

Mupen64Plus FZ emulator is based on the open-source project of Mupen64 (to be discussed later).

Without gainsaying, you can sure of enjoying an excellent gaming experience with this emulator too.

Top Features

  • Highly compatible and seamlessly supports several games.
  • The emulator allows the use of a plugin – the Gliden64 plugin. It will enable gamers to enjoy Nintendo 64 games regardless of the specification of your android device, whether low or high.
  • It also allows users to make use of several video plugins for different games.
  • As much as it offers several languages, you should stick to English. Mupen64Plus FZ emulator has glitches in its translations.
  • Also regularly updated.
  • This emulator has over a million downloads on the play store.
  • Mupen64Plus FZ emulator features great controller support.

4. SuperN64 – N64 Emulator Android


SuperN64 is rated 4.3 on the play store. However, without basing our analysis solely on this rating, you can still see for yourself that it is a considerably excellent emulator to try out.

It is an open-source project – Mupen64+, and consequently supports several Nintendo games. Hence, an incredible gaming experience for you as a user.

Top Features

  • It supports an extensive range of files, including v64, z64, .zip, n64, .rar, etcetera.
  • SuperN64 features an autosave option. This way, you can be sure of having unrestricted access to your game data. Also, loading saved games is effortless.
  • This Nintendo emulator is also based on an open-source project – Mupen64+.
  • Excellent controller support. This includes the customization feature – you can resize your gamepad and other control buttons to your preference. 
  • SuperN64 is, however, subject to certain glitches. But then, if you experience any of these seldom glitches, it is advisable to change the video plugin or the settings of the video frameskip.
  • It offers excellent performance and an intriguing overall gaming experience.

Top Android N64 emulators

5. AweN64


AweN64 is taking the fifth spot on our ranking of best Android N64 emulators based on its ratings and popularity – more emphasis on reputation.

Referencing play store one more time, AweN64 is rated 4.2 stars. Albeit, this emulator offers qualitative gaming experience, plus great features including sound, graphics, and so on.

Top Features

  • AweN64 offers enjoyable gaming experiences right from your android devices.
  • It features excellent graphics, which introduces some bits of realism in its games.
  • It supports an extensive range of games, plus network gaming.
  • We may be safe to say that AweN64 offers one of the highest levels of compatibility.
  • It also features the autosave feature.
  • Has an excellent controller support
  • Another unique selling point of this emulator is the “Smart File Searches” that it features. This feature allows your device to automatically search your device’s storage for N64 ROM when the application is launched initially. You may also do this process manually.

6. ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy - Android N64 Emulators
ClassicBoy – Android N64 Emulators

If you are a freak of great game controllers, then this emulator maybe your best option.

Having come with a reasonably excellent gesture controller, ClassicBoy also features an accelerometer sensor – all in the bid of ensuring that your gaming experience is unrivaled.

Let us quickly go through this emulator’s top features!

Top Features

  • ClassicBoy features an accelerometer sensor, although the availability of this feature depends on your phone’s hardware.
  • ClassicBoy also offers its users excellent game controls. This feature allows gamers to play games, fighting games especially, effortlessly, and even better their overall gaming experience. 
  • This emulator also supports an extensive range of gaming consoles, including PS1, Sega, GameBoy, NES, and so on.
  • ClasicBoy boasts of more than a million downloads worldwide.
  • It supports a wide range of gaming options.

7. Mupen64 Plus AE

Mupen64Plus AE

On the 7th spot is the Mupen64 Plus AE emulator!

Mupen64 Plus AE is a relatively fair – worthy of being on our list of best android emulators – emulator for android users. All thanks to its unique flexibility and extreme compatibility.

It’s also relatively popular in the gaming industry and boasts of more than a million downloads. Google Play Store also rates this emulator with 4.0 stars.

Top Features

  • Quite flexible, and boasts of extreme compatibility.
  • This emulator supports several file formats, including vn64, z64, and n64. It also supports compressed files such as .zip files.
  • Sometimes experience glitches on the controller.
  • It allows gamers to play a variety of their favorite games.
  • The emulator has over a million downloads worldwide.

8. Tendo64


Tendo64 is yet another android N64 emulator that we would recommend to some considerable extent.

Although the glitches in its previous versions are laudable, its developers have invested so much effort in offering gamers what befits the gaming industry.

All thanks to its recent update, this emulator may not have been on our list of best N64 emulators.

Top Features

  • Features updated plugins
  • The emulator has the use of non-intrusive ads.
  • This emulator supports multiplayer games.
  • It offers users the opportunity to make use of cheat codes.
  • Considerably customizable.

9. N64oid

N64oid - Android N64 Emulators
N64oid – Android N64 Emulators

Another N64 android emulator making our list of best emulators is the N64oid emulator.

Although N64oid has been disabled from Google Play Store for violating specific policies, the features it offers gamers are laudable and worthy of mention.

Top Features

  • Regular updates
  • Apart from being unavailable on the play store, you can quickly get this emulator on other gaming websites.
  • Runs by sideloading.
  • It offers unlimited game support for gamers.

10. Project64


It is correct to say that Project64 is an offshoot of one of the best Nintendo 64 emulators for windows devices.

Project64 is still undergoing several developments and upgrade processes at the point of writing this article, but we are predicting it being an eventual colossal success.

Top Features

  • Project64 doesn’t come with games.
  • Allows users to play free online games, or the real N64 games on their storage device, or any of their favorite games.
  • It is regularly updated. All thanks to its new nature.
  • Project64 also features sound, although this feature is sometimes inconsistent.

11. RetroArch (multi-platform)

RetroArch (multi-platform) - Android N64 Emulators
RetroArch (multi-platform) – Android N64 Emulators

Second to the last on our list of Android N64 emulators is the RetroArch emulator.

You should, however, know that RetroArch isn’t a typical emulator, but a front-end GUI which also suffices as an emulator.

Top Features

  • It supports an extensive range of games.
  • It’s a multi-platform gaming emulator. That is, it is compatible across several platforms, including mobile, PC, and so on.
  • For Android Devices, RetroArch makes use of a core modeled after the Mupen64Plus emulator.
  • It features incredible visuals.
  • It is, however, not too easy to operate, relatively to others on this list. I.e., it is more technical.

12. Mupen64Plus


Finally, on our list of android N64 emulators, we have the Mupen64Plus emulator!

One eye-catching feature about this emulator is its excellent delivery of the audio experience, which is void in a few emulators reviewed in this article.

Top Features

  • Offer users an exceptional audio experience when playing games.
  • It also supports an extensive range of games. Typically, if you are having issues with some games, you usually try this emulator out.
  • Mupen64Plus doesn’t have a UI. However, you can download an additional plugin in other to have a front-end UI. An example of such plugins is M64Py.

Final Notes

Without gainsaying, Nintendo 64 enjoys massive popularity in the gaming industry. As mentioned earlier in this article, it is arguably the best gaming console, as it features several classic games.

As a long-time passionate gamer, you definitely can’t forget the engaging gaming experiences enjoyed while playing on this console. The good thing now is that you can now have all of these gaming experiences right from your Android Device!

Tandem to this realization, we have curated a comprehensive list of the best 12 Android N64 emulators – out of which you can choose from—craving a feeling of ultimate nostalgia? We advise that you try out any one of these Android N64 emulators!


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