10 Best Android Puzzle Games in 2020

Do you wish to know the best android puzzle games in 2020? Here you have them below.

In the past, puzzle games were a simple genre that has evolved from a simple idea. You can solve certain puzzles to enjoy, and while the time away at the same time improving your brain.

Factually puzzle games are one of the most popular games across the universe and amongst gamers. Starting with simple games such as 2048, and now, here we are with the likes of Telltale Games, Monument Valley, and so on.

Nowadays, there are several funny and brain-ticking puzzle games, and interestingly, these games are available in an extensive range of mobile phones.

However, still finding exciting and very interesting puzzle games may not be as easy as you think, all thanks to the variety of options in google play store. Without gainsaying, there are over ten thousand puzzle games available in your android device for downloads across several stores.

We have curated a comprehensive outline of the best android puzzle games as thought by us. Puzzle games for android phones that we mention in this text have gone through stringent and intense evaluation by our team of evaluators, and they’ve been confirmed worthy of being on our list.

Hence, with little ado, let’s get down to business. 

Best Android Puzzle Games in 2020

1. Total Party Kill

Best Android puzzle games
Total Party Kill: Best Android puzzle games

Total Party Kill takes the top spot on our list of the best android puzzle games! In this game, players are made to find a trio of heroes in a dank dungeon of a single screen.

One thing about this game is that their exits are very far out of reach and inconvenient. But then, there is always a novel way of escape, which is termed as the “sacrifice.”

As a gamer, it’s expected of you to find the order by which these heroes need to be dispatched. There is a knight that uses his sword to hack at chum, thereby sending them flying across the screen of your android device, usually towards remote switches. Then, the second is a mage that freezes his companions into blocks of ice. The last person who completes the trio is the ranger. The ranger impales cohorts on walls with his arrows. So, that’s basically what the game is about. 

Total Party Kill features a mix of dark humor, most notably the action that an escapee performs when his friends must have been killed.

Overall, Total Party Kill is one such puzzle game that allows room for entertainment and brain-smashing moments for its players. 

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2. Turn It On! Free

Android Puzzle Games
Turn It On! Free: Android Puzzle Games

The second puzzle game on our list is the Turn It On! Free. This puzzle game is a fantastic response to persons who complain when they find it hard to power kits that they newly bought. At least, those kits aren’t as crazy as the black boxes present in this game. These black boxes literally take things past the ludicrous level when you are playing with your android device.

Initially, you are usually made to flick the twiddle or odd switch a dial. But this puzzle game keeps taking the insanity level as high as possible. Imagine being faced with an entire board of switches, yet with no particular ideas of what they are for, not even one switch. 

And then, there are cogs and cranks, and displays and meters. With time not always by your side, you may just find yourself stuck at a point, even with 15 minutes into a level, yet without knowing how to complete such a level. The level of craziness that Turns It On! Free offers its players is well past normal!

3. XOB

Best Puzzle Game
Best Puzzle Games: XOB

We have the XOB puzzle game! This one literally replicates an old TV on your Android phone. Featuring lurid colors and CRT fuzz, XOB is one hell of a game whereby to find your exit path; you will need to manipulate gravity.

To play a square, you need to drag a screen. However, each time you drag your screen, you tilt the entire level, which in turn forces the square to trundle. Trundling may cause the square to fall from an edge to another plane, and when such happens, you have just twisted the entire scene.

Also, by just tapping your phone’s screen, the square may leap to the ceiling and cause every other thing to rotate 180 degrees. 

As much as these effects may cause you to get disoriented, trust us when we assure you of focusing on your screen with this puzzle game. Well, we just did.

The funny thing is that the result is usually as essential as anything simple that you can think of. The idea that makes this game crazy for players is how excellently it is generally presented and executed.

4. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Puzzle Games for Android
Puzzle Games for Android: Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

This puzzle game for android phones is yet another exciting option for android users, especially for those who love horror.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is a horror game! Instead of the usual idea of facing a sliding puzzler or the “enter to be murdered” kind of thing, this game offers players a Sokoban setting, just that it includes buckets of cartoon gore. 

The aim of the game, irrespective of the level that you are in, is to slide horror icon, Jason Voorhees into unsuspecting campers. After this, these campers are summarily dispatched.

Doing this successfully allows you to move to the next level. However, as you scale up the levels, the pathways to slide the horror icon gets more convoluted, more hazards, and lesser move limits. This makes the game get more interesting, tasking, and crazy! 

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle feature perfectly designed puzzles, plus the horrors neatly shuffling between been ridiculous and being icky. Overall, it’s worth your time!

5. Tiny Bubbles

Best Android Puzzle Games
Best Android Puzzle Game: Tiny Bubbles

Do you love meditation? Tiny Bubbles is a game that you will like! Inarguably, this puzzle game is the most meditative match game that you can ever have an experience of; plus, they set it in a world of gloopy bubbles.  

Although it has a premium version on iOS devices, it has an exclusive free version in Android phones. Nonetheless, Tiny Bubbles is a delightful game that gets you always busy in your head, thinking about the best and fastest way to match four bubbles whose colors are the same.

Upon success, these balls will pop and give way to another set. Basically, it is like an explosive chain reaction.

The tasking part of this game mainly is when bubbles get troublesome and do not want to remove, or when the colors to mix get scarce, especially when you need them the most, and also the introduction of a fish that blows bubbles.

Interestingly, Tiny Bubbles comes in an arcade mode! 

6. Flipflop Solitaire

Puzzle Games for Android Phone
Puzzle Game for Android Phone: Flipflop Solitaire

On our 6th spot is the Flipflop Solitaire. The aim of every player is to remove all the cards from the table. These cards may be presented in various formats. Sometimes, the cards can be built-in ranks, some in-suit sequences, which can be shuttled between columns.

Mainly designed for Android smartphones, Flipflop Solitaire offers every player just five columns of the card. And this is as trickier than you can ever imagine, as the game allows its players to stack cards in every direction.

This enables a variety of dizzying sequences. Players are usually forced to stop accumulating once they run out of space.

Overall, our team of evaluators says the Flipflop Solitaire is way more than just a throwaway card game, but a mobile puzzler that requires the maximum level of cleverness from its players. 

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7. A Way to Slay

Android Best Puzzle Games
Android Best Puzzle Games: A Way to Slay

This game offers its players some sort of bloody sword fights in a puzzle-like format. And it is crazy!

Every bout of this game is started with angry foes equipped with a penchant. These penchants are used to get all head-chopping and stubby. To zip over your enemy, double-tap on such an enemy, and boom, you’re saved! 

Also, for every move you make, your opponents have the chance of adjusting their positions. And you must keep track of such movements, as it plays a crucial role in ensuring that your innards do not decorate the sparse landscape. This happens by ensuring that you do not move to close to any opponent. 

To be an eventual victor, you need to pay attention to know what exact moves will see you through to your way of victory. Overall, A Way to Slay is one excellent puzzle game that you will enjoy on your android device. 

8. Aquavias

Puzzle Games
Puzzle Games: Aquavias

Yet another fantastic android puzzle game that you’ll enjoy is Aquavias.

Aquavias is one such game that instructs its players to find a path. Basically, the goal is to deliver water to cities; otherwise, such cities may be drought-stricken.

Also, to move waters, you need to do so via the means of fragmented and elevated aqueducts. Nonetheless, the way around this seeming setback is to fashion a trusted path for the water to follow. And this is where your function as a player is needed. In this regard, you need to tap your screen.

However, note that one tap equals 90 degrees in the clockwise direction. Also, depending on the level that you are in, you may either be faced with a situation of the fast-draining reservoir or limited moves.

As you progress the levels, the complexity of the pathway required increases, and in that regard too, the game gets tougher! Nonetheless, despite all, Aquaivas doesn’t get overbearing.

It also features pleasing soundtracks and visuals, which also contribute to how appealing the game is. 

9. Does Not Commute

Does Not Commute Puzzle Game
Does Not Commute Puzzle Game

And the ninth on our list of best Android Puzzle Games is the “Does Not Commute” game.

As a player, what you do basically is to direct the traffic of a relatively small town. Here’s how it happens; a vehicle enters the screen, and consequently, you are told the direction it needs to head towards. You then need to instruct such a car to go in the said direction. Yes, it is as simple as that. 

However, there is a strange, although temporal, oddness that this town is afflicted with, which causes your subsequent journeys to overlap the previous ones.

You are also expected to avoid all sorts of car collisions, and unfortunately, you will be faced with several of them. Crashing into a car causes you to lose ample game time, as it takes time before vehicles that you have damaged to exit the screen and make way for you.

Does Not Commute, in a nutshell, features a storyline with several characters, which is acted across a few varying environments. However, sometimes, you may complete the whole game at a sitting. 

10. Orbit

Orbit Android Puzzle Game

Finally, on our list of top 10 android puzzle games, we have Orbit on our tenth spot!

Orbit is one of such games whose orientation is about itself. Meaning, on-the-game, players are made to experiment with a set-up, situation, or made to see what exactly will happen.

Even though Orbit is listed herein as a puzzle game for android, our team of evaluators belief that there is more to its bag, as they view it more as a minimalist sandbox where players can immerse themselves in the glee of making tiny solar systems. 

Orbit is played by sling-shooting celestial bodies located around black holes, after which they leave colored trails, while gravity is allowed to do its thing.

In no time, planets will begin to cluster together around one, two, or more black holes. And by doing so, these planets create minimalist modern arts. Really, it is always a mesmerizing and beautiful moment.

However, the only downside that this puzzle game is plagued with is the in-app ads. Although you can eliminate these ads by a one-time in-app purchase, for those who cannot afford such, it may wreck your game-mood. 


And so, we have come to the end of our list of best android puzzle games that you can try out in 2020! Our team of evaluators belief that these are the best that you can find in stores at the moment, all thanks to their extensive range of compatibility, sleekness, and tons of excitement that they offer their players.

Nonetheless, do you think that we have missed out on any of your best puzzle games for android devices? Please, feel free to share them with us via the comment section just below this post. 


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