Best Budget Android Smartwatch in 2020

Best Budget Android Smartwatch

The best budget Andriod smartwatches featured in this article can be gotten between 20$ to 110$. They are inexpensive when compared to well-known brands such as Fitbit, Samsung, and others, yet they are also packed with lots of features.

We reviewed four of these budget Andriod smartwatches —

1. CanMixs Watch
2. Sazooy Smart Watch
3. Sanag Smart Watch
4. YAMAY 020 Smart Watch
Each of these smartwatches has a feature that makes it unique.
Things to consider when getting budget Android smartwatches
If you come across any other budget-friendly Andriod smartwatch not listed here, these are some of the things you should consider –

Battery Life – this is very important because no matter how many features it has if it can’t last for more than 24 hours you shouldn’t opt for it. If you are always on the road or you’re a frequent traveler and find it hard to charge, you should go for one that lasts for days.

Tracking analysis – either you’re tracking your steps, heart rate, activities, and so on, you’ll need the analysis to make things easier for you. Most will require you to connect to an app so as to get the analysis. If the smartwatch you come across doesn’t offer analysis through the app or smartwatch, then it might be hard to create a fitness plan, sleeping plan, and so on.

• Design – you need to consider if the wrist bands are breathable. If it’s leather that is used, you need to consider its quality because this will determine how comfortable it will be on your wrist. For people who will be wearing it for long hours, this has to be at the top of your list. You can get the information you need from reviews or by contacting their customer service. A little research about the leather is all you need.


All the four best budget android smartwatches featured on this list are reviewed in-depth. We covered everything there is to know about these smartwatches. This article has also been structured in a way that makes it easy to read through.

1. CanMixs Smart Watch

Price: $45

This Android smartwatch has a very simplistic design. It has a fully circular display with a 1.3-inch color screen that offers full touch. It has a 240 × 240 resolution, so the screen is very bright and clear.
The case is made of Zinc alloy metal so this gives it adequate protection when it falls. The band is made of soft silicone, and this makes it user-friendly because it’s comfortable on the wrist.
CanMixs Smart Watch is IP67 waterproof. Do not use it in the swimming pool or rain; only sweat won’t destroy it. This smartwatch has a brightness adjustment feature, and there is a vibration alarm clock you can set to wake you up. CanMixs Smart Watch supports Android 4.4 & above, and it also supports IOS 8.0 and later.
You can use the anti-lost feature to start tracking it if you misplace this smartwatch. To enjoy CanMixs Smart Watch to the fullest, you need to install the “H Band” app and then connect it to the smartwatch via Bluetooth.


• Activity Tracking
You can use it to track your steps and distance walked or jogged. You can also use it to track your calories count. All the data will be synced to the app. You can use this data to set up your fitness plan to fit your bodyweight endurance level, among other things you’ll like to consider for your fitness plan.

• Sleep/heart monitoring
CanMixs will monitor your heart rate for 24 hours, and it will record your sleep status. All these help a great deal in determining your health trends. Once your sleep quality has been monitored, you will be able to view it on the app.

• Phone assistant
You can also use this smartwatch to get calls, messages, app messages, calendar alerts, and emails. It helps you access important things you need if your phone is not easily accessible. CanMixs smartwatch can view messages but can’t reply to them. What it does is only to keep you informed and not fully take over the functionality of your phone.

• 10 sport modes
This smartwatch supports ten different sport modes — outdoor walk, outdoor run, indoor run, indoor walk, hiking, stair stepper, outdoor cycle, stationary bike, elliptical, rowing machine. Once you’re done with any of these sport modes, you can check the data on either the smartwatch or app.

• Remote camera
Pictures can be taken with this smartwatch. Just open the “H Band” app on your smartphone. There is a shake camera function on it, activate it. When you shake your smartwatch, a picture will be taken. This is a nice feature if you don’t want to be seen taking pictures, for whatever reason.

• Stopwatch and Timer
To keep track of how long your workout session is, the stopwatch and timer are designed to that for you. It helps a great deal in meeting up with your fitness plan

• Magnetic charging and Battery Life
The magnetic charging feature makes it very easy to charge this smartwatch. The battery capacity of this smartwatch is 200 mAh.


2. Sazooy Smart Watch
Price: $26

Sazooy Smart Watch can also function as a mobile phone. You can insert a Simcard into it. It works perfectly with 2G/2.5G Network. You can use it to make and receive calls and SMS, browse Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social apps. All these functions also work if it’s connected to a smartphone Bluetooth.
This is one of the least expensive smartwatches on this list, and it is packed with a lot of features. It allows you to view images, sound records, and it has a calculator. Sazooy Smart Watch supports smartphones with Android 4.3 & above.

• Music Player
You can play music with this smartwatch through the connected phone, or you can install an SD card and use that instead. Either you’re using a connected phone or SD card, you can use this smartwatch to switch songs, and pause or play songs.

• Pedometer
The pedometer functions all day. It allows you to count your steps and also measure the distance walked. This helps you keep track of your endurance level and also helps if you’re trying to create a fitness plan.

• Sedentary reminder
Sazooy SmartWatch allows you to set up different reminders and alarms. There is a reminder that will remind you to stand up and move whenever you’ve sat down for a long time. You can set it up to improve your health.
• Camera/Remote camera control
Once you’re paired to the app, you can use it to turn on remote control camera. This allows you to use the smartwatch to take pictures.

• Sleep monitoring
There is a sleep monitoring feature you can activate whenever you’re going to sleep. It records your sleep quality and duration of sleep all through the night. It also records your sleep status data.
The data helps you know the quality of your sleep and the amount of time you spent sleeping. The recorded data allows you to develop a good sleeping routine.

• Battery Life
It comes with a 280MAh battery.

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3. Sanag Smart Watch
Price: $109

Sanag Smart Watch has a 1.3-inch color IPS HD circular full touch screen. It designed with a high-density tempered glass material that is durable yet allowing it to have a sensitive touch. It is also designed with a 1.8-inch oversized dial. The dial has a sturdy alloy frame that adds to the durability of the smartwatch. Depending on the occasion or style you want, there is a replaceable silicone band and leather band.

Sanag Smart Watch has 5ATM Waterproof. It has an IP68 waterproof rating so you can use it in the rain, to bath, and in a pool under 50 meters. This smartwatch supports Android 4.4 & above, and iPhone iOS 8.2.

• Heart Monitor
This smartwatch uses the latest VC31 light sensor chip technology. It allows it to monitor blood pressure and heart rate accurately for 24/7, even on black skin. It also offers advanced SpO2 Blood Oxygen Rate tracking that prompts you when SpO2 is lower than normal state. However, this doesn’t replace a medical report. It’s just to give you insight.

You will need to connect it to App Glory Fit on your smartphone. Once it’s connected, you will be able to view the HR & BR test report on your smartphone. If you’re trying to maintain your health and create exercise plans, this will simplify the process.

• Activity tracker
It is designed with an innovative activity tracker. It tracks your steps, sports mileage, and calories burned, all in real-time. There are 7 different sports it tracks too — Badminton, Tennis, Cycling, Swimming, Running, Table Tennis, Skipping Rope.

This activity tracker also has a goal-setting function so you can set it up based on your performance/endurance level. It also displays the achievement of your set goals in real-time.

• Sleep monitor
Sanag Smart Watch will monitor and record how you sleep. With the App Glory Fit, you can view your daily/weekly/monthly sleep report. The sleep quality analysis of this smartwatch helps in knowing more about your sleep status so that you can improve your sleep quality.

• Calls and Messages alert
It’s designed with a low energy technology Bluetooth 5.0. You can read SNS notifications (including Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, and so on) and SMS on this smartwatch. It also allows you to view and hang up incoming calls. When you’re resting, you can activate the No disturb mode through the App Glory Fit.

• Adjustable brightness
There are 4 different levels of brightness you can choose. You can also adjust the screen brightness of this smartwatch based on light intensity and time. When you’re in the sun, just lift your wrist and the screen will brighten. At night it will be at the darkest level so as to protect your eyes.

• Theme styles
There are five different theme styles you can use on your smartwatch screen. You can also download over ten different themes, or you can get custom themes through the app. This allows you to personalize the theme style of your choice.

• Weather display
Sanag Smart Watch displays the weather of the current day and the next three days in real-time. Using the App Glory Fit, you’ll be able to check the air quality and weather forecast for the last 7 days. This weather forecast helps with scheduling meetings, travel arrangements, outdoor activities, so do on.

• Shortcut buttons
This smartwatch offers full touch, but there are also 2 shortcut buttons. The top button is used for “power on”, “back to home interface”, and “function menu”. The bottom button function as a “sports shortcut”.

• Battery life & Magnetic charging
It comes with a high-density 200 mAh polymer lithium battery. The battery of this smartwatch will last for 30 days when on standby. During normal use, it will last for 7-10 days. Its long battery life makes it suitable for business and other long-distance activities.
This smartwatch uses the magnetic charging method. This fastens the charging process. The smartwatch will be full within 2 – 3 hours.

4. YAMAY 020 Smart Watch
Price: $34

YAMAY 020 is designed with a full touch 1.3″ TFT LCD color screen. The screen is highly sensitive so it makes it easier to control.

This smartwatch is slim and lightweight. It has an anodized aluminum body that makes it durable. It comes with a TPU band that is breathable and has double holes. The wrist strap size is suitable for both kids’ and adults’ wrist. The wrist bands of this smartwatch are replaceable. You can choose different colors and styles, depending on your mood or the occasion.

This smartwatch is an IP68 waterproof standard. You can use it in the rain, to bath, to swim and so on. It can resist any liquid that touches it.

YAMAY 20 only connects and syncs all your data via the VeryFitPro app for smartphones. However, the data on VeryFitPro can be synced to Strava, Google Fit, and Apple Health (if you wish to use this smartwatch with an iPhone). However, this app may not work with the US version Samsung Galaxy J series smartphones.
This smartwatch can also be used as a breath guide. It has a find smartwatch feature. There is “no disturb mode”, and it can be used as a music controller. It is compatible with Android 4.4 & above and most iOS 8.0 devices.

• Adjustable Brightness
This smartwatch will adjust the screen brightness automatically, depending on the environment. You can also manually adjust the brightness in sunny or dark places.

• Fitness tracker
It will automatically track your calorie count, all-day steps, distance, and duration. It also works perfectly with 14 sports modes and provides your workout result. This smartwatch doesn’t track swimming. For real-time tracking, you can connect to your GPS to see the route on the map and show your pace and distance.

• Heart rate monitor
YAMAY 020 tracks heart rate all day. There is a feature you can use via the VeryFitPro app for checking your heart status. The data you see can be used to make adjustments and improve your workout and lifestyle.

• Sleep tracker
This smartwatch automatically detects and tracks your sleep all day. It provides you your sleeping status, either deep sleep or light sleep, and it also shows you your wake up time. This smartwatch will only record your sleep if it lasts for more than 3 hours.

There are over 10 vibration alarm clocks you can use for waking you up or reminding you to remember the activities you want to perform.

• Call and Message Alert
To receive calls alert and messages alert, and to be able to read your messages through the smartwatch, you need to connect it to the VeryFitPro app. Apart from receiving alerts from calls and messages, you can also receive alerts from social apps, calendars, and emails.

YAMAY 020 allows you to read the message but not reply to them. It allows you to easily view messages and determine the ones that are relevant and urgent. You won’t have to remove your phone every time.

• Female health tracker
There is a feature on this watch that allows women to set their menstrual details such as — period length, menstrual length, and last menstrual date. It also allows women to set a reminder to alert them in advance of their next menstrual and ovulation so they can prepare for it. If it’s a man that is using this smartwatch, they can easily turn off this function through the app.

• Clock faces
There are four different clock faces to choose from. Each of these clock faces is designed to match different moods.
Battery life
The battery of this smartwatch takes 2 hours to charge fully. It will last for 7-10 days on a full charge. This makes it suitable for long-distance activities or travelings.

• Stopwatch & Countdown Timer
To optimize your training and workouts, there is a stopwatch and countdown timer that makes optimization easy.

These best budget Android smartwatches are some of the best to opt for in terms of design and functionality. We covered all there is to know about them so your buying decisions can be easier. If you find a newly released smartwatch, not on this list, make sure to go through the section “Things to consider when getting budget Android watches”, you can use it as a guide.


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