Best Budget Ladies Smartwatches You Can get in 2020

Best budget ladies smartwatch

Each of the best budget ladies smartwatch we reviewed in this article is stylish. They’re chosen based on how colorful they are, and other additions that will reckon with a lady’s styles. All these smartwatches can be worn to formal occasions, except FITVII Health & Fitness Smart Watch and LETSCOM Smart Watch, they both have sporty looks, but the latter has a compact design so it can pass as a bracelet.

We also considered the features they come with. Most of these smartwatches come with health trackers that monitor females’ health, thereby making it easier to re-schedule for menstruation period, exercise based on females’ endurance level, getting busy during inactivity periods, and so on.
Each of these smartwatches was also picked because they have something unique about them. Some it’s about their design and others about their functionality.

The listed smartwatches are featured in this article —

1. GOKOO Smartwatch for Women
2. MBHB Stylish Smartwatch
3. Yocuby Smart Watch for Women
4. FITVII Health & Fitness Smart Watch
5. LETSCOM Smart Watch

We’ve done in-depth research on these smartwatches. All you need to know about them is written about. Moreover, this article has been structured in a way that makes it easier to read. Enjoy.

1. GOKOO Smartwatch for Women

Price: $49

GOKOO Smart Watch for Women is designed with a very simplistic interface. It has a 1.0 HD tempered glass widescreen with a resolution of 128×96. It is designed with true-color IPS, and it has eight different feminine UI interface. You can change this interface anytime.

The display of this smartwatch is easy to read, so it makes it easier to use. Its compactness and lightweight makes it suitable for those who have an active lifestyle, so they don’t feel any constraint when using this smartwatch.
For a better fit, it is designed with manually adjustable watch straps. Either you have a big or small wrist, you can adjust it to the length that gives you a firm fit. This smartwatch can be worn on casual and formal occasions.

To be able to sync the data this smartwatch record, you’ll need the “H Band” app. This smartwatch comes with an anti-lost alert, calorie counter, sedentary reminder, and you can sync the date and time.
It has an IP67 waterproof rating. GOKOO Smartwatch for Women is compatible with both Android 4.0 and above, iOS 9.0 and above, BT 4.0 and above.

• Calls and Messages Notifications
GOKOO Smart Watch allows you easily view notifications if your phone isn’t handy. You will be alerted in real-time whenever you have a call or message. It also allows you to see notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter, and WeChat.

• Heart Rate Monitor
This smartwatch also monitors your heart rate. You won’t be needing a chest strap. All through the day, it will also track your stress level to make sure that your activity and resting period is balanced. It also helps with measuring your blood pressure.

• Sleep Monitoring
For optimal health, this smartwatch has several tools that allow you to track your sleep. You can get the stats on your sleep duration. It also tells you if you had a light sleep or deep sleep, and it shows you your waking time. This sleep monitoring feature allows you to see how your sleep stats affect your optimal recovery. It can also be used to tailor your schedule so you can get the required hours needed for a goodnight’s rest.

• Remote Camera Control
To be able to use this feature, you need to open the app on your smartphone. Once it has paired, you will be able to take a picture through the smartwatch with just a tap on the screen. This feature only works when it’s paired with a smartphone that is compatible.

• Female Physiological Period Reminder
This physiological period reminder is designed as a personal helper that reminds you when your menstrual period is near, and it also keeps a record of your menstrual cycle. This feature helps remind you to regulate your body through exercises and maintain a proper diet before your period arrives.

2. MBHB Stylish Smartwatch
Price: $65

MBHB Stylish Smartwatch is designed with a stainless steel strap for a secure fit. It has a very stylish design. The wrist band is intended to be an elegant bracelet, and this design makes it stand out from other smartwatches. It is designed with 3 dials you can switch anytime. This smartwatch has an IP67 waterproof rating. It is compatible with Android 4.2 and above, iOS 8.0 and above.

• Activity Tracker
This smartwatch tracks your activity 24/7. It will automatically track calories burned, your steps when walking, and the distance. All the data it gathers will be recorded for your use.

• Exercise Mode
It has a multi-exercise mode. You can use it to record your walking, running, climbing, and swimming activities in minutes. Your heart rate when performing any of these four sports is shown in real-time.

• Night Sleep Monitor
At night it will automatically enter sleep mode and start recording your sleep status. If you had a light or deep sleep, it would record it for you, and you can view it when you are awake. It allows you to evaluate your sleep so as to determine whether you’re getting quality sleep or not.

• Call and SMS Alert
Whenever you have a call, this smartwatch will vibrate and show you the caller ID. If it’s a message, either SMS or social apps such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and so on, this smartwatch will display the message for you to read, so you don’t have to bother checking your smartphone.

• Alarm Clock & Sedentary Remind
The sedentary reminder reminds you to stand up so you don’t sit for too long in a day, because of the health issues it can cause. To use this feature, you need to set it up in the app. There is also an alarm clock you can set to wake you up.
• Remote Camera Control
When this smartwatch is paired with your smartphone, you will be able to access your smartphone camera. When you’re ready to take a photo, just shake the smartwatch.

• HR, BP and Blood Oxygen Monitor
MBHB Stylish Smartwatch is designed with a green light sensor that allows it to accurately track your blood flow and get data about your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen. With just a touch, MBHB Stylish Smartwatch will start monitoring whether you’re doing an exercise or resting. It presents the data in real-time.

• Battery Life
On a full charge, it will last for 4 to 7 days. To fully charge this smartwatch, it takes just 2 hours.

3. Yocuby Smart Watch for Women
Price: $54

Yocuby Smart Watch has a stylish design. Dazzling rhinestones are fitted around the dial, and the dial itself is colorful. This smartwatch has five built-in high-definition color screen.
The dial has a thickness of 10.8mm and a size of 35*35mm. The dial size and thickness influences the display. It helps in making the displayed contents easily accessible.

The band of this smartwatch has a width of 15.9mm. Its width makes it relax on the wrist. The metal strap is gold-tone, so this gives it a sophisticated look. Yocuby Smart Watch for Women has an IP68 waterproof rating.

• Sedentary Reminder
The sedentary reminder follows your body rhythm and alerts you whenever you’ve sat for a long time so that you can take a walk. If you work in front of a computer for long hours, this smartwatch will also remind you to take a rest because this has an effect on your health.

• Menstrual Reminder
This smartwatch gives you insight into your health by recording your menstrual cycle.

• Alarm Clock
The alarm clock also functions as a reminder. It will vibrate once the set time has reached.

• Find Your Phone
Yocuby Smart Watch can be used to find both your phone and the smartwatch. To know where your phone is, the smartwatch will trigger the phone to vibrate and ring. This “find your phone” feature only works if the app is still running on your phone.

• Activity Tracker
It will record your daily steps and the distance walked. It also records calories burned. There are several sports this smartwatch records — running, climbing, swimming, basketball, badminton, table tennis, and cycling. The data recorded by this smartwatch can be used to determine your progression.

• Sleep Tracker
This smartwatch will monitor the length and quality of your sleep every night. The recorded data can be used to improve your sleep.

• Calls and Messages Alert
This smartwatch alerts you when you’ve phone calls and text messages. However, it doesn’t allow you to read it or text back. It also receives notifications from Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.

• Battery Life
On normal use, this smartwatch will last for 2 days. On-standby use, it will last for 5-7 days.

4. FITVII Health & Fitness Smart Watch
Price: $54

It is designed with an IPS 1.3-inch high-definition screen that is full touch and has a resolution of 240 * 240. This smartwatch has a great visual experience because the screen is very clear and bright. The screen is also designed as an anti-scratch, and it comes with a durable TPU strap. All these make it more user-friendly.
It comes with the nordic nrf52832 processor that makes its motion detection accuracy very sharp so that it can obtain more accurate data.

At a glance, you can view the time and date, heart rate, steps, calories, Bluetooth connection, and battery level. The clock face is designed to offer more information without having to swipe or click. It is also designed with four different clock faces, so you can choose any that matches your style.

FITVII Health & Fitness SmartWatch is also designed with other functions, such as a timer, alarm clock, find mobile phone, and event reminder.

This smartwatch is compatible with Android 4.4 and higher, iOS 8.0, and higher. It has an IP68 waterproof rating.
The app that syncs all your data is available in 12 languages — traditional Chinese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German, Vietnamese, Portuguese, French, and English.

• Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor
It has a built-in sensor that monitors your heart rate and blood pressure for 24 hours. Whether you are exercising or resting, this smartwatch will keep on recording your heart rate and blood pressure data.

Every ten minutes, it records your heart rate, and every hour it records your blood pressure. Personalized reports are generated and can be viewed in the app. These reports are designed for you to pay attention to your health.

• Sleep Monitor
From 6 p.m to 8 a.m, this smartwatch will track your sleep. The app is designed to intelligently determine your sleep situation and then analyze your sleep quality accordingly. Your daily, weekly, and monthly sleep reports are automatically generated. This sleep report shows you the depth (light or deep) and length of your sleep.

• Female Period Remind
It is designed with a menstrual reminder. It frequently reminds you as your menstruation period draws closer. It also has a menstrual prediction feature. All the information monitored by this smartwatch can be viewed in the app.

• GPS Running Tracker
This smartwatch will automatically monitor your movements for 24 hours. The information this feature record is your sport time, heart rate in real-time, kilometers walked, steps taken, and so on. All these can be accessed with just a glance. You can also use the real-time maps in the app to define your movements for optimal health.

• Call and Message Alert
You can receive calls and messages alert from either SMS or social apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. It allows you to store the last three messages, and you can hang up an incoming call.
Most smartwatches will vibrate when you have a call or message alert. However, this smartwatch is designed with a silent mode if you don’t want to be disturb.

• Battery Life
It takes just 2 hours to charge this smartwatch fully. On a full charge, it can last for 3-7days.

• Adjustable Brightness
Depending on how sunny or dark it is, this smartwatch has an 11-speed brightness adjustment that allows you to choose the brightness level you want quickly.

5. LETSCOM Smart Watch
Price: $26

This smartwatch is designed as a sports wrist band, and this gives it a portable look. It is suitable for ladies with 5.4 inch – 7.6-inch wrist size. It comes with an 0.96 inch OLED screen with customizable face clocks.
It is also designed with a wrist sense. This feature lightens up the smartwatch display automatically when your wrist is turned towards you. You can also use this smartwatch for remote camera shooting.
LETSCOM Smart Watch has an IP67 water-resistant rating. It works with Android 4.4 and above, iOS 7.1 and above. However, it’s not compatible with PC, iPad, or Tablet.

• Heart Rate Monitoring
This smartwatch automatically tracks your heart rate in real-time. When you are working out, you can quickly view your heart rate with just a glance. After your workout session, you can access your heart rate report to view your maximum and average heart rate, among other things. This helps in getting enough data to adjust your lifestyle easily.

• Sport Tracking
The 14 exercise mode allows you to understand specific activity data of your performance. Once you’re connected to the GPS of your phone, you will be able to see the stats in real-time on your smartwatch. It also records the map of the route you took when exercising.
This smartwatch tracks these exercises – trekking, walking, running, riding, hiking, fitness, treadmill, spinning, yoga, dancing, badminton, tennis, football, and basketball.

• Sleep Tracking
Your sleep duration and consistency are automatically tracked. This smartwatch measures how deep or light your sleep is, and it shows your wake up time. Your sleep quality data is shown with comprehensive analysis.

• Fitness Tracking
It will track your calories burned, count your steps, and the distance walked throughout the day. It also tracks your active minutes.

• Calls & Messages Alert
You’ll receive calls, SMS, and SNS (Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Instagram) on this smartwatch. The smartwatch alerts you by vibrating.

• Sedentary and Alarm Alert
During long periods of inactivity, this smartwatch will alert you so you can get busy. The alarm is silent, just vibration, so it will wake only you up without disturbing your partner.

• Battery Life & Charging
LETSCOM Smart Watch comes with a Li-Battery with a capacity of 65mAh. If this smartwatch is fully charged, it will last for up to 7 days. It’s designed with a built-in plug that allows you to charge it without a charging cable. The charging time is around 1-2 hours.

All these smartwatches are some of the best budget ladies smartwatch. They are all user friendly and offer great functionality. However, you can narrow down your choice based on the battery life, design, or functionality you need.


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