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Best Dating Apps For Android In 2020

Best Dating Apps For Android In 2020

ToDating is going digital. The days of visiting bars and the park to find someone to flirt with are gone. You can now flirt online with so many people at the same time until you find the perfect match. Moreover, it speeds things up.
There are several dating apps for Android which you can make use of in finding your match. However, only a few are functional, well designed, and would offer you worthwhile results. Connect with your perfect match and spark up your love with these apps.


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Free dating apps for android


1. Tinder

Find friends, dates, relationships and everything in between on Tinder, a very popular app for connecting with new people from all over the world. It features a “double opt-in” which matches people based on mutual interests. After a match up its time to get acquainted with each other and pick a meet-up date. It’s also a great app for connecting with locals.
It has two premium plans, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. The first premium plan gives you a free boost per month so your profile will be at the top of your area for 30 mins, and it comes with additional super likes, so you stand out from the crowd.
The tinder gold is the upgraded version of the first. Your profile is boosted per month and you’re given more profile controls. You can tweak your profile freely to your taste. It also increases your super likes. You don’t need to go looking for matches. You’ll be at the top spot of the app so matches will come to you.

Download Tinder On Google Play



2. OkCupid

OkCupid comes with one-of-a-kind messaging systems which gives way to having a deep conversation. It’s an excellent app either you’re in for marriage or just casual dating. There are unique questions to answer so your search is narrowed down to people with similar interests to yours. It’s also a great app for local dating. It pairs you with those nearby.
If you are into hooking up with people of different sexuality, this app gives room for that. OkCupid is all about helping everyone find love without discrimination. Just include it during registration and you’ll be paired with someone of similar sexuality.

Download OkCupid On Google Play



3. MeetMe

You don’t just text chat on MeetMe like several other apps. It has a video chatting option that gives more life to your communication. You can choose to chat with those nearby, or just simply alter the search results and find people from around the world. Better still, narrow down your searches based on shared interest and start utilizing the video chat to spice your conversation until you are both comfortable to go on a date.

Download MeetMe On Google Play




Your profile is what boosts your rating on LOVOO. You’re given full control with several options that are meant to make you stand out. After uploading your best picture, also share the most interesting, funniest and private side of your life. This improves your chances of getting a date in no time.
However, you can still make use of the built-in radar to find singles around you. LOVOO also comes with a feature that allows you to see people who visited your profile. And you can choose to send chat requests to them, though the app permits only three chat requests in a day. It is somewhat limiting but still great if used well.

Download LOVOO On Google Play



5. Tantan

This app always recommends people around you and offers you access to their profile to review before accepting. Just with a swipe, the app will connect you two, and once your request is accepted, you can start getting to know each other well.
Tantan has a life moments option, and you can follow the life moment uploads of others. It helps in sparking interest and starting a conversation. Moreover, the ice-breaking feature of the app makes it easier to start conversations in playful ways. You’re offered ten playful questions to understand your match better.
Tantan doesn’t support messages from random people. You both have to match based on shared interests before you can start utilizing the text and audio message function of the chat section. This prevents creeps from gaining access to you.

Download Tantan On Google Play



6. Badoo

When meeting new people on Badoo you can go the extra length of having an unfiltered conversation with them. The app is known to promote being the real you and going for what you want, so this is a great place to flirt and not necessarily meet up. However, there are strict guidelines against inappropriate behavior.
If you are finding a partner and also looking for new friends, you can use this app to build your friend list. Connect with people around you or just swipe through several profiles until you find someone that interests you. Better still, check who liked your profile and connect with them.
To limit your interaction and only connect with the top people on Badoo, there is a three-step verification. Once it’s completed, you can choose to interact with only verified profiles.

Download Badoo On Google Play



7. Flurv

You’re linked with people around you on Flurv. The features (Travel, Interested, Feature Me, and Buzz) act as a medium of meeting new people who you can do fun things with virtually or in reality. All match up on this app is based on locations. Either you want someone nearby or far away, just input it in the filter section.
Flurv is a great app for people looking for a serious relationship.

Download Flurv On Google Play



8. Hitwe

Unlike most dating apps that restrict random chatting, on Hitwe, you can message people right away and start having a fun chat. Fuel your conversation with photos and Gifs to create a swift rapport. There are also game elements that make this app even more fun, and its intuitive design is easy to navigate through.
Protection is offered against fake and scam accounts.

Download hitwe On Google Play



9. W- Match

This is a great live 1to1 video dating app. Unlike other apps, you don’t have to text someone first. Just video chat them immediately. You can add stories to spice up your profile. Matching isn’t necessary, just send a message directly and start having a fun chat.
On W- Match, language isn’t a barrier. There is a live translation function when video calling. This app is designed with great features that make you have a good time without restrictions.

Download W- Match On Google Play



10. Waplog

Waplog is taking online dating to a whole new level. Restrictions are limited so you can instantly hook up with anyone or lots of people at the same time until you find your perfect match. The video chat function of the app allows you to get more visual communication without having to spend too much time building rapport through text chatting.
You can search for people based on location (far or near), through shared interests or just something that you think will be interesting, or you can search based on cultures and meet people with similar traditions to yours. If you wish to flirt and have a good time you can just inbox any profile you see without having to match.
You’re not limited by language on Waplog. This app translates other languages to your preferred language either you’re chatting or video calling.

Download Waplog On Google Play



11. Bloom

Bloom is a premium dating app for finding real love and also people interested in romantic relationships alone. You can easily connect with people around you. Bloom also acts as a matchmaker. Ten handpicked matches are sent to you every day, and you have 24 hours to decide if you’ll like to connect with them or not.
For people that aren’t versed in the art of flirting, you can switch to their premium service to start getting individual and personalized tips on making good first impressions. And throughout your conversation, help is also offered until you get your first date.
For those who aren’t okay with their profile showing their location, bloom offers restriction, and you can use other matching means to connect with people.

Download Bloom On Google Play




JAUMO helps out when trying to find a match. Simple steps are offered to guide you on matching with the right people until you get a date. You don’t only find love on this app but also make friends. This app is also great for just flirting without finding love. Use the boost feature to top the list in your area for 30 mins to make yourself readily available for anyone.
Profiles that appear to you are streamlined based on your interests. And when building your profile there are no restrictions; you can be as forthcoming as you want. You can also search for people based on several options like height, education, education.
The app comes with some anti-spam settings which pair you with verified accounts only and keeps your searches confidential.

Download Jaumo On Google Play



13. Joyride

Meeting up with people isn’t always about falling in love, and Joyride believes in this too. Either you are looking for an adventurous date, conversations with new people, or just want a passionate night with someone, this app is the best for such relationships with no strings attached.
This app also allows for different sexual orientations. You can change your visibility settings based on interest or sexual orientation on who gets to see you.
Photos of nudity or depiction of sex aren’t allowed. There are restrictions on how naughty you can be.

Download Joyride on GooglePlay



14. Mamba

Mamba is a popular app in more than 50 countries worldwide. Its signing up process is fast, just authorize via your Facebook account and your mamba account will be set up and ready for use. You can also create a profile through Mamba sign up page if you want.
The matching feature works based on your chosen location. You can use the advanced filter settings to streamline your search based on what you want (appearance type, family status, income, children and sexual preference). The encounter function of the app notifies you when you have a match.
Mamba also lets you send presents to users you like and also to congratulate them on birthdays and other holidays.
Detection of fake and suspicious profiles is done through digital intelligence.

Download Mamba on Google Play



15. Mingle

Set up your profile, include your location and you’ll find loads of people willing to hook up with you. And that’s how something romantic starts on Mingle. Then move on to planning activities together, going on a date, hanging out, and so on.
Three modes of filters are available (sexuality, gender, and sex). Unethical behaviors can be reported, and users who you find out to be very different from what you thought can easily be unmatched.

You want to go on a date before the week runs out, or on a vacation with someone, or just hang out to have fun, the snap match feature on this app is suitable for seeking instant matches to do all these. Upon sign-in, you get free snaps. To continue getting free snaps, share the app with your friends, share your profile or others profile, or simply just purchase snaps.

Download Mingle on Google Play



16. Heyyo

Heyyo is more of a random matching app. You’re linked up with a stranger once you click on the random Match button. This app is focused on speed dating. It allows you to make calls with your match without having any previous conversation with them.
To boost your profile, upload videos of yourself. You can also make use of a profile boost based on the time frame (5 min, 15 min, 30 min).
While this app allows everyone to flirt randomly and get a bit sexual, it also has a user report system for unethical behaviors—an excellent way to get the creeps out of the app.

Download Heyyo on Google Play




A lot of dating app is flooded with fake profiles run by bots and people with malicious intent. Care should be taken, especially on apps that give you full control over who to hook up with without no guidance. Learn how to spot the fakes on dating apps.
Nevertheless, you’ll still have a great time on these apps and definitely find someone to get serious with and have fun too. The more people you meet, the better your chances.


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