8 Best G-Shock Watches for Outdoors

Check out the best G-Shock watches for outdoors. These are the top rugged watches for diving, running, swimming, camping, etc. G-shock watches are durable and can pass through conditions that your ‘normal watches’ wouldn’t survive.

If the ‘outdoor-activities’ world were to be thankful for the emergence of a product, then all thanks would be to Cassio and Kikuo Ibe to come up with the G-Shock.

Since 1983 when the first G-Shock, the DW-5000C, was launched, the brand has well produced a variety of exceptional watches.

The name of the watch brand does justice to its advantage and purpose. G-Shock is an abbreviated form of Gravitational Shock. The Casio G-Shock line is committed, consequently, to produce watches that can withstand gravitational shocks of any kind. Holding the Guinness World Record for the most massive vehicle to drive over a watch, on December 12, 2017, a 24.97-tonne truck was run over a Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1, the G-Shock line has come a long way.

Anyone involved in any form of outdoor activities also has a reason to cherish the G-Shock. Traditional outdoor activities that range from hiking, running, cycling, and more modern ones like scuba diving and bungee jumping, which are mostly timed activities, need reliable watches to be markers of time from start to finish.

The G-Shock brand offers an element that is crucial to anyone who participates in outdoor space: ruggedness. Having in mind that most of these activities are dangerous to some extent, the G-Shock provides a certain level of reliability to anyone doing the outdoors.

In this article, we have carefully selected the best types of G-Shock watches to accompany anyone for specific outdoor activities.

Best G-Shock Watches for Outdoors

Ready to roll? Let’s go!


Best G Shock Watches for Outdoors: G-SHOCK GW-9400-ICR
Best G-Shock Watches for Outdoors: G-SHOCK GW-9400-ICR

Believe me. There is no better place to start from other than the Master Of G itself. The G-Shock GW-9400-ICR, also identified as The Rangeman, earned its position as the best in a long line of excellent watches for some special reasons. Let’s check them out.

It is fully equipped with triple sensors. By this, I mean the watch has an Altimeter, Barometer, and Thermometer along with a compass. That’s just about the first features to look for in a wristwatch for an outdoor person, isn’t it?

Top Features

  • Attractive design and lightweight: Compared with other watches in the G-Shock line, the GW-9400-ICR has a lightweight due to its symmetrical and intricate design.

  • The watch does not require much effort before it can be configured. It is easy to use and set up.

  • It has a solar rechargeable battery. This, of course, confirms that GW-9400-ICR is made especially for outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and others.

  • The case of the GW-9400-ICR is sealed up with the buttons. That means that dirt and insects can’t find a way into the watch. This also translates that the functionality of the watch can not be altered by dust and dirt.

  • This watch has a protective dial window made of mineral crystal.

  • It has a one-touch time recording embedded in it.

  • The sensors have their distinctive sound, which helps you to identify which one is functioning at what time. This is very much needed when you are doing things that need maximum concentration.

  • The Rangeman also has sunrise and sunset data.


2. THE GA 100

The GA 100
The GA 100

Are you looking for a classy and durable watch for outdoor activities?  The all-black GA 100 may be one of the best options to opt-in for your activities.

Without gainsaying, most of the features of the GA 100 are quite irresistible. Over the years, it has proven to offer nothing less of sleek value to lovers of watches.

It has both analog and digital functions. Some people prefer analog watches, others digital, while some go analog-digital.

Your guess must be as good as mine, although it must be said that the digital watch is less easy to operate than the analog.

Top Features

  • The watch has an automatic LED light with afterglow. For a watch which is all black, this is a fascinating detail.

  • It’s water-resistant. The GA 100 can resist the force of water down to 200M. That’s about 660 feet. It is the ideal watch you want to use when diving.

  • The watch is equipped with 29 time zones of 48 cities.

  • It has a timer auto-calendar, which has been preprogrammed up until 2099.

  • The watch has an intricate stopwatch. This stopwatch can measure down to 1/100 of a second and measure time laps and time splits.

3. THE GW3500B-1A

Best G-Shock Watches: THE GW3500B-1A
Best G-Shock Watches: THE GW3500B-1A

This watch gives you a great deal of relief if your type of outdoor activity is air-related. You might want to read this carefully if skydiving or bungee jumping is your thing.

Top Features

  • A solar rechargeable battery powers it. Hence, you wouldn’t need to keep replacing the battery. The battery can last up to six months when fully charged, and can also be saved up for future use.

  • It comes with two digital display panels where one shows time and date while the other indicates a secondary time zone.

  • The watch uses atomic timekeeping. This removes the rigor of manual configuration since the G-Shock reconfigures itself six times a day.

  • This watch can withstand a workload of up to 12G of centrifugal gravity.

  • Auto LED afterglow is also another feature of the GW3500B-1A.

  • The GW3500B-1A is perhaps one of the most beautiful G-Shock watches as it has a mash of aviation-style look and functionality and a careful blend of lemon and black.

4. THE STLS110H-1A

Best G-Shock Watch for Running: THE STLS110H-1A
Best G-Shock Watch for Running: THE STLS110H-1A

Specially designed for runners, the G-Shock STLS110H-1A is a working engine as well as a beauty. The design, albeit very simple, has very striking features. Let’s find out!

Top Features

  • This watch enables the runners to do interval warks simultaneously as it has two countdown timers.

  • The watch has a stopwatch, which goes down to 1/100 of a second.

  • It has 100M water resistance. This is an incredible feature because this watch is specially designed for a track/field athlete.

  • The watch has five daily alarms. You can’t miss out on your workout sessions with this, can you?

  • It comes with a solar rechargeable battery as well. You wouldn’t have to worry about charging it up or replacing the battery. As you sprint, it charges.

  • The watch has an LED light, which is perhaps, the specific feature you need for a late-night run-up.

  • It also has an auto-repeat function. The time laps and timers repeat itself over and over until you are satisfied.

5. THE GF-1000-1DR GF-1000-1

Best G-Shock Watches for Outdoor: THE GF-1000-1DR GF-1000-1
Best G-Shock Watches for Outdoors: THE GF-1000-1DR GF-1000-1

Frogman, as popularly known, would never be missing on the list of best G-Shock watches for outdoor activities.

If you must know, this is perhaps the best diver’s watch around. It is designed to stay underwater perpetually! With 200M water resistance, which is probably about the farthest any watch could go. Six hundred sixty feet beneath the water is no joke at all.

And of course, it is shock resistant.

Top Features

  • This watch can successfully measure the time of dive and intervals of the surface of the water.

  • The watch has 31 time zones. This includes 48 cities and several coordinated universal time.

  • It also comes with EL lights and afterglow.

  • The watch has a memory that records your last ten dives.

  • Its battery is solar-powered and rechargeable. It lasts up to 10 months without being charged.

  • The watch also has a power saver. However, if left in the dark, the display goes blank.

  • It has five daily alarms where 4 are one-time alarms, and the fifth is a snooze alarm.

  • The watch gives accurate moon data and tide graphs—the tide graphs measure the date and time.

  • The Frogman is, however, very expensive.

6. THE GWG-1000-1A1


Perhaps, the Mudmaster is one of the few watches that can survive and even thrive in the air, on the land, and underwater.

Be it mountain climbing or scuba diving; this watch is ideal. The incredible features of this watch set it apart from the rest of the pack for several reasons.

Top Features

  • Gaskets protect the buttons of the Mudmaster. These gaskets prevent dirt and dust from entering into the watch. This also ensures that the watch is clean at all times, provided it is used correctly, of course.
  • The watch is equipped with an altimeter, a barometer, and a thermometer. The question a prospective user asks it this: Can I be able to measure altitude, pressure, and temperature at the same time. The Mudmaster gives a simple answer: YES.
  • It has double LED lights that illuminate the digital display for better readability.

  • The watch adjusts the time by itself and is configured to detect six-time calibration signals around the globe.

  • Its battery is solar and rechargeable. It lasts longer than a better percentage of other watches.
  • Unlike other Casio watches, the readability of this watch is improved because it is large. But that might spoil the fun for those with tiny wrists.

  • The Mudmaster also comes with a stopwatch.

  • It has five times daily alarms as an added function.

7. THE GWA 1000-1A

The G-Shock GWA 1000-1A - Gravity Master
The G-Shock GWA 1000-1A – Gravity Master

One look at the G-Shock GWA 1000-1A also called the Gravity Master, and you are sure it is designed for air.

Apart from the fact that the design looks like a pilot’s cockpit, several other features make this watch desirable.

Top Features

  • It’s both analog and digital. Like the GA 100, The GWA 1000-1A also has both analog and digital features.

  • The watch comes with shock-resistant and pressure resistant.

  • This GWA 1000-1A has interchangeable bands.

  • It can resist up to 200M of water.

  • The screen of this watch is made of mineral glass.

  • This watch is luminous, has a stopwatch, and measures to the 1/100 of a second.

  • The settings and controls of the clock can be easily changed. It is not complex to operate.

  • It has a Triple G construction. This implies that the watch can withstand Centrifugal force, Gravitational force, and vibrations.
  • The watch uses solar power, which is very reliable.
  • This watch has atomic timekeeping ability.

  • It is also equipped with a thermometer.

8. THE GA 110BC-8A

Best G-Shock Watches for Outdoor: THE GA 110BC-8A
Best G-Shock Watches for Outdoors: THE GA 110BC-8A

This is another spectacular watch for field and track athletes. When you see it, the first thing about this watch is that it doesn’t share the color black, which other G-shock watches seem to all share.

Top Features

  • The band and casing of this watch (like other G-shock watches) are made of resin.
  • Its stopwatch can measure the 1/1000 of a second.

  • It has the functionality of measuring elapsed time, lap time, and split time.

  • The watch has a countdown range of 24 hours. You might want to check the speed of calculation of this watch. It’s perhaps one of the fastest as it can calculate from 0 up to 1998 units per hour.
  • It has both analog and digital functions.
  • The watch comes with an Amber LED light.
  • It also has 200M water resistance.
  • The GA 110BC-8A has the operation of the world time. The GA 110BC-8A has 28 time zones for 48 cities across the globe.

  • There are five alarms daily plus a snooze alarm.

  • The surface of the watch is difficult to scratch.


It is, of course, a truth that outdoor activities are dangerous. But when these activities are races or games, one of the biggest problems or dangers a participant might face is losing track of time or his actions. But as either a diver, a climber, an athlete, a jumper, etcetera, you might need to focus more on your skills than worrying about your time. I believe one of the watches mentioned above would fit just into what your specifications are for your ideal watch.

But apart from outdoor activities, watches are necessary accessories and dressing complements. The watches heretofore described are fashionable as well. They might just be able to transform your look to another level.

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