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Best GameCube Emulators for Android

Are you looking for some best GameCube emulators for android? We have written a comprehensive list of GameCube emulators that will bring back those old memories.

GameCube is a retro game that shook the gaming community with its amazing games back in the days. With the advent of more sophisticated gaming console, this once cherished console is gradually being phased out.

Best GameCube Emulators for Android

Those who had a hands-on experience of this console may have a purple one with a favorite game they miss playing. That emotional gap has been bridged with the development of GameCube emulators for android devices.

There are several retro games emulator for personal computers whereas android operating system has just a few. If you do plan on emulating GameCube video games on your android, your options are limited to 4 significant emulators.

In this article, the focus will be on the strengths and weaknesses of the GameCube emulators that are available for android.

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Dolphin Emulator – A GameCube Emulator for Android

This emulator has something in common with the very first prototype of the popular console which later transitioned to Nintendo GameCube.

Dolphin Emulator
Dolphin Emulator

Both GameCube and Nintendo games can be conveniently played with this emulator app even though it is still in its beta phase. The app works fine on android 5.0 and higher.

Installing and running Dolphin emulator on any android phone requires that your android device must be on the 64 bits architecture. It should be able to stand video backend 3.1 or higher.

You do not have to bother yourself with these technical jargons. All you have to do to find out if your phone meets the requirement to run Dolphin android emulator is to install the app.

Launch the app after installation and wait for any error message. If there is none, then you are about to enjoy a beautiful gaming experience. On the other hand, if there is an error message, then, you need to look elsewhere for an alternative.

Features of Dolphin GameCube Emulator:

Easily downloadable from google play store or directly from the developer’s website:

You must, however, ensure that the file you are about to download is the latest one with all the updated features.

User friendly interface: Dolphin emulator’s interface is one of the easiest to get around and just about anyone observant enough can get everything right in the first run of the application.

ISO files support: Dolphin emulator supports a wide range of game files extensions in which we have GCZ, CISO, ISO, and WBFS.

Ensure that Dolphin is compatible with the emulator file you want to download. Your efforts will go down the drain as the unsupported file format of games cannot be opened by Dolphin emulator.

Robust configuration panel: Dolphin Android app has a robust configuration panel with features like CPU Core selection, emulated options override, and many more.

CPU clock speed modification: Dolphin allows you to tune up or tune down your graphics values to get the desired frame rates in your gameplay.

Speed Limit change: You can change the speed limit from its preset value to 100%. Every other setting can be left untouched. To save the changes made in the settings panel, remember to click on the floppy disk icon of the upper right of your screen to keep those changes stored in the INI files of the emulator.

In case you do not know what to change in the visual settings, you can follow our carefully selected options here. It will help you set up your emulator app for a smooth ride.

  • Your video backend should be set to OpenGL. In the case that you have Vulkan API already installed, you can try to select it as your default video backend for testing purposes.
  • Your shader compilation should be set to Asynchronous mode to make your game running experience apt and swift.
  • Your aspect ratio settings are in your hands to consider. You can decide to go for a small ratio or a stretchy one. The choice is entirely yours to make.
  • In the enhancement panel, you should shun every other internal resolution settings and go for 1280×1056 (720p) only.
  • In the hacks panel, activate every other option except Defer EFB Copies to RAM.

Just as earlier practiced, click on the floppy disk icon again to save all the new parameters.

The next big step to know if your android software is compatible with all these settings is to launch the game to see how smooth it will run. If it runs smoothly without buffering, then, congratulations to you. If the running is nothing to write home about, then you should consider some other source for settings suggestion that might run buttery smooth on your device.

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DraStic DS Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator is a paid android app that is arguably the best emulator for the Nintendo DS.

Best GameCube Emulators for Android
Best GameCube Emulators for Android

It runs smoothly on even the least of the android hardware out there. With enough ram and an average processor, you are ready to rock and roll.

What to know about Drastic DS Emulator

  • To have a buttery smooth gaming experience, you need at least 1GHz single-core processor and 256MB of RAM.
  • After initial installation, the setup procedure is pretty similar to that of the other apps. The first step to getting it right is moving your game file to a directory that can be accessed by the emulator.
  • Convert the game from its original format to the BIOS file before adding it to the emulator.
  • Configuring the original two-screen arrangement of the Nintendo DS is very straightforward using the app. DraStic DS allows you up to six screen layouts for emulating it all into one single screen.
  • Your setting preset should be left as is if your gaming needs are not graphics intensive.
  • To have a near-console gaming experience with Drastic DS Emulator, you can connect an android game controller of choice for maximum feel and entertainment.

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MegaN64 is an emulator that is capable of running Nintendo 64 games just as Nintendo GameCube games on an android.

The hardware requirements are not much, as far as your android smartphone runs Android 2.0 or higher. You are set for a smooth gaming experience with this emulator app.

The system does not come with ROMs. You will need to upload them to your Android device so that the games that you want to play are playable when you log into the emulator. Even though the games do not come with the emulator, there is an extensive library of games and cheats that are compatible with the MegaN64.


  • This app is a high-speed emulator.
  • This emulator is backward compatible, so it plays older Nintendo games.
  • There is cheat system compatibility and a performance enhancement settings panel.


  • This emulator can take up a lot of space on your Android device.

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Here is the emulator that can run all of your favorite classic games. ClassicBoy is everything you need.

It does not come with any ROMs, but it can play games from the PlayStation 1, the Nintendo 64. The GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Classic, GameBoy Color, classic NES, Sega Genisis, and SNK NeoGeo can also work.

Since there are varieties of games available, controller mapping is a bit part of what makes this emulation great. If you enjoy playing multiple fight games on your Android device, controller mapping makes it better.

ClassicBoy Settings
ClassicBoy Settings

You can configure this emulator app on the go using the touchscreen buttons or an external controller. You can set the buttons to fit your playstyle if that is what you desire.


  • Controller profiles supports MOGA, PS3, and XBOX 360.
  • This emulation is highly customizable.
  • This emulator can run games from eight different systems.


  • There is no setting to recalibrate the buttons of the analog stick.

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Before anything else, it is imperative to own the original copies of GameCube’s video games. You should buy it because most of them are copyrighted.

Out of the long list of classic console game emulators, only a few of them run on android. Majority of these emulators run on personal computers only. When it comes to emulating your favorite classic console games on android, you can never go wrong with Dolphin emulator.

All suggestions made in this article to configure the settings of Dolphin are not to be taken for granted. While some smartphones will do fine with them for some others, you’ll need to make changes depending on the game you want to emulate.

You might need to adjust the settings over and over before you start having fun with your favorite video game. Perhaps you’ll also need to compromise a bit of resolution to get a better fps rate.

Just have fun with the settings selection as much as you would do with the game itself. You can come up with the configuration that’s best for you.

If you’re not in the mood for playing GameCube anymore, remember: there’s still are ranges of emulators for other videogame consoles. You can choose from any one of them and keep your life retro-ly entertained.



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