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6 Best Launcher Apps for Android 2020

Best Launcher Apps for Android 2020

One popular feature that has endeared many to the android operating system is its dominance in the smartphone market and the operating system’s limitless customization options.

The possibilities of customizing your android to your taste are endless. If every Android user is to customize their home screen the way they want, no two android devices will look the same.

This customization is open by default, and it can also be taken to a higher level with various launchers that are scattered all over the google play store. That’s why we have the best launcher apps for android here to help with easy customization.

The variety of launchers for android devices can never be exhausted with these simple yet amazing applications. You get the freedom to emulate devices like iPhones, Windows mobile, and many others if you so wish. You can also take things up a notch by integrating your wallpaper into your home screen and application drawer.

All android smartphones regardless of the brand, have their default launcher, which is the primary one that is activated as soon as you boot up your android. These default launchers are in no way old fashioned as they come with lots of customizations that might leave a first-time android user confused on which settings to tinker.

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For simplicity’s sake, using launchers to customize android devices is the way to go for primary users. These are for people who are not well versed in doing what it takes to manually customize their android devices by rooting and using framework services like Xposed and Magisk.

Best Launcher Apps for Android

What’s next in this article is a carefully selected list of best launcher apps for android that is available on the google play store. Most of these launchers are free, and some that are pay-to-download do not cost a fortune. Every one of these launchers is easy to download, install, and set-up. While using a launcher on your android device, it is easy to revert when you lost your way during customization.

Best Android Launcher Apps for Android
Get The Best Android Launcher Apps for Android

I have personally tested all the launcher apps for android in this post before putting them in a list. My user experience and that of millions of users on google play store greatly influenced this list that I am putting together. Your experience with each one of these launchers may differ, but it is expected, no two user experience can be the same.

1. Action Launcher 3

To describe this launcher in three words, I would say, apt, adaptive, and swift. Action launcher has been around for a while now. A lot of changes is introduced to the launcher application since the initial launch.

This launcher contains a lot of attractive themes and widgets for calendar appointments, date, and weather. Featured in this launcher is an option for folder customization in which you get to give your folders colors, layout, shape, and size of choice.

With action launcher, you get a lot of customizations in a jiffy as it comes equipped with Quickbar, Quicktheme, and Quick edit. These features are unavailable in most launcher apps that are featured on google play store, making it one of our best launcher apps for android.

The developers of action launcher embedded a shutters feature that is used to preview application actions without actually opening the application quickly. With this feature, you can check your inbox for new messages, WhatsApp for incoming texts, and email for office work.

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2. Buzz Launcher

Buzz launcher is one of the few launchers for android that you should never have to bug yourself with manual customization of your android home screen. That’s why buzz launcher comes with an option to download over a million custom-made home screens which can be easily applied to the launcher by just about anyone.

The community of buzz launcher custom-made home screen keeps growing. When you manually configure your home screen, you can share with the buzzing community on Facebook or Twitter.

The primary reason for the large user base of this android launcher is its speed and ease of creating a home screen of choice from a long list of already made ones. The ease of customization is an advantage to the growth of this android launcher.

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3. Evie Launcher

Evie launcher can be said to be one of the best on this list with the least customization options. This Android launcher does not strive to be your all-in-one launcher, it chose its focus, and it has been working so well for it. The launcher itself is slick, and for a start, you get a home screen that consists of only four icons and a clean canvas to work from or on depending on your preference.

The highlights of Evie launcher is not far-fetched from these array of features; custom shortcuts, adjustable grid, universal search, and quick navigation.

Launcher Apps for Android
Easy to Customize Launcher Apps for Android

With Evie launcher, you get custom gestures that work out of the box. There is a swipe up to display application drawer gesture; you can swipe down to return to the home screen. You can double-tap your home screen to lock your phone. Turning off your phone’s screen light when not in used will help prolong the life of your power button.

The overall user interface of Evie launcher has been overhauled with lots of patches in the form of an update, and users could not have asked for more.

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4. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft launcher can be said to be one of the lesser-known launchers in the android smartphone world.

Why? Most android users do not believe the personal computer operating system will deviate from their main focus and venture into making a launcher for android. So, most believe the launcher must be the work of an application developer looking to reap what he did not sow with a brand-able name.

I can authoritatively tell you that the Microsoft launcher is being developed by Microsoft incorporation itself. The launcher is aimed towards android users who migrated from the windows phone ecosystem and wants to have a feel of a home.

As the name suggests, Microsoft launcher will give you a feel of windows ten on your android smartphone. Not just that, the launcher comes equipped with integration services to make you work seamlessly with Microsoft apps like one drive, skype, office365, etc. This launcher also features and intuitive gesture for ease of use, and these make it one of our best launcher apps for android.

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5. Nova Launcher

Nova launcher can be said to be one of the oldest launchers in android smartphone history. This launcher comes equipped with every customization option you can ever think of in the world. This launcher should be crowned as the king of customizations.

Nova launcher is suitable for adventure seekers who are into tweaking their device to their very own taste. There is a free and premium version of Nova Launcher. You can never go wrong with whichever one you choose for your customization. Here is a highlight of the features of Nova launcher.

  • Icon Themes: Nova launcher allows for the integration of icon packs. You can get any icon pack of choice from play store and integrate it to your launcher.
  • Color controls: If you are a person who likes working with colors, nova allows you to define colors for your unread notifications, labels, folders, background, etc.
  • Backup & Restore: Just like buzz launcher, nova launcher also has a feature which allows you to take a backup of any home screen layout that you like. You can restore it on your phone.

An upgrade to Nova launcher prime gets you additional features like gestures, drawer groupings, ability to hide apps, and more scroll effects.

Nova launcher is very flexible when it comes to customization, but you need to be prepared to spend a fair amount of time to get it right. The only jiffy way to go about customizing effortlessly on nova launcher is by importing an already customized home screen backup file.

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6. ZenUI Launcher

The codename Zen might ring a bell, but not everyone will remember where they first heard it in an instant. How about Zenfone? Does it ring a bell now? If you still don’t know by now, Asus Zenfone is a product of Asus computers.

ZenUI launcher brings the home screen of every Asus smartphones to every android device. Before this launcher got featured on google play store, it was exclusive to only Asus Zenfone smartphones. Now, everyone with an android phone can enjoy its features, and it is among our favorite launcher apps for android.

ZenUI launcher, like every other launcher on this list, gives you the ability to customize your android smartphone with widgets, wallpapers, transitions, and special effects of choice.

The list of customizations you get with ZenUI launcher is endless. There is an app lock feature embedded in ZenUI, and with it, you can hide applications of choice or secure them with pins as the case may be.

In the endless list of launchers on the google play store, ZenUI holds its front as its foundation. Its simplicity and sleekness make the launcher to stand out from others.

Asus got everything right with this one, and a test run of this unique android launcher confirms that simplicity is truly the ultimate sophistication.

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Thank you for checking out this post. Remember that sharing is caring and we will love to hear your view on the best launcher apps for Android you have ever used. Do share with us.


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