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10 Best Navigation Apps for Android

Navigation apps for android and smartphones generally have become an essential part of human existence. Our day-to-day lives have been made easier with these applications.

With them, we can navigate places we have never been to and never get lost. These navigation apps for android comes in two usage preference; offline and online. Either one you decide to go with is no problem as far as it gets the job done efficiently.

Best Navigation Apps for Android

In a bid to help enhance the vitality of these apps, we have compiled a list of best navigation apps for android.

You can use these apps to explore a foreign city when you are on vacation or when you drive into a dead zone while on vacation. Without further ado, here is our list of best navigation apps for your android smartphone;

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Google Maps

Who in this world doesn’t know google maps, aye?
The fantastic thing about this navigation app by search engine giant, Google is its ability to operate with and without data.

When you get skeptical about the network reception in a new place you are visiting, you can download and save the maps of the area for your offline use. All you need is a little preparation before you set off on your journey.

Best Map Apps for Android
Best Map Apps for Android

To save a map for offline use on google maps, click on the three horizontal lines on the upper-left corner of your screen, then tap on offline maps.

Google will use your usage data to make recommendations of routes for you to download. If the map of the area you are looking to download is not on the list of the recommendation by Google, you can search for the area manually and download its map. It’s as simple as that.

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Sygic GPS Navigation and Offline Maps

Sygic is the second most installed GPS navigation app for android on the google play store. The company is in a partnership deal with TomTom. A partnership which entails Sygic providing offline maps for every country in the world.

Some exclusive features of Sygic GPS android app are its frequent update, voice-guided GPS navigation, and also a pedestrian navigation mode.

Sygic is also cost effective as it alerts you of the cheapest parking lots and gas stations around your GPS location. On top of that, you also get alerts about speed cameras that might be in the area. This alert will get you in the case that you are going above the specified speed of a city.

Sygic Gps for android is available in freemium and premium mode, and every user gets a free seven days trial of the premium version on the first install of the app.

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OsmAnd is another gem in a long list of useful android GPS navigation apps. The best feature of this GPS app is its offline mode.

Other intriguing features of OsmAnd navigation app includes lane guidance, day/night mode, specialist cycling routes, voice guidance, estimated time of arrival, and many more.

OsmAnd also features the opening and closing times of stores shown on the map as well as their accepted mode of payment. With an additional plugin, OsmAnd will show you several of the world’s most popular resorts.

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MAPS.ME is an android GPS navigation map that is entirely free of any charge, no hidden cost like some fraudulent apps.

With the offline mode of, you get an entirely useful search function, public transportation, re-routing calculation, and voice navigation. There is also an add-on that shows the nearest restaurants, ATMs, clinics, vet store, and other places of interest to your current location.

Best Navigation Apps for Android
Best Navigation Apps for Android

In areas where you have a reliable internet connection, Maps.Me allows you to share your location information with friends, book a hotel all within the app. This app is an excellent application addition for every android user looking to make a trip.

The source code of is based on OpenStreetMap, an open-source GPS navigation software. developers hope to keep the GPS navigation app free for life; they, therefore, generate income via advertisements that are in the application’s interface. With a one-time payment, all the ads will be off. Its aimed at supporting the developers.

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MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

MapFactor is another unique GPS navigation app for android. The entirety of this app does offline functions.

The first launch of this GPS navigation app for android will prompt you to download an offline map that consists of 200 standalone maps. These include 56 locations in Europe and 53 in America.

The offline map function on Mapfactor groups locations are based on countries, with inclusion of densely populated areas and sub-regions.

Just like, this app also gets its data from OpenStreetMap. That makes it an excellent choice for travelers who are looking to avoid being caught by speed cameras. It has an alert system for that in every area you are driving through at the moment.

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HERE WeGo is an offline GPS navigation app for android with over 100 countries in its database. The offline maps data on HERE WeGo includes prices for public transportation systems, car-sharing prices, directions to places of choice, and train timetables.

To make your journey swift and less stressful, HERE WeGo navigation app compares taxis, bikes, car-pedestrian, and public transportation routes. The app makes this comparison to find you a quick maneuver to arrive at your destination in no time at all.

There is also a feature that gives you all the needed information about public transportation in more than 1,300 cities around the world, North America and Europe inclusive. generates revenue by placing advertisements on the apps user interface.

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CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS navigation app is for drivers and those who use every form of vehicles to find their way around cities and areas.

Pedestrians should avoid this android navigation app at all cost. This navigation app is excellent for finding alternative routes for your trip. It gives three separate options for you to explore while on your way to your set destination.

With Copilot, you get access to thousands of offline locations such as restaurants, ATMs, and other places of interest. These places are visibly by using the search function that is available in the applications offline mode.

Best Map Apps for Android
Best Map Apps for Android

CoPIlot GPS app offers seven days free trial of premium features to entice new users to pay for premium. These include voice guidance and 3D maps. Once the seven days trial elapses and you do not show interest in getting the premium version of the app, you get limited to 2D maps and turn by turn directions.

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Genius Maps

Genius maps have two versions, the free one, and the paid ones. With the freemium, you get to download an offline maps database that helps to provide information about local places of interest.

To get in the loop with features like speed limit alerts, live traffic reports, automatic re-routing and voice guidance, you will need to upgrade to the pro version of Genius maps. There is a 100% coverage for Europe and North American locations while other locations in the world get partial coverage.

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Offline Voice Navigation: Offline Maps & Navigation

As the name suggests, offline maps and navigation is an offline GPS navigation app for android that contains over 200 countries from around the world in its database.

The app developers boast of their maps application, consuming less storage and ram. This claim has been proven to be true in its entirety as when pitched against google maps offline location data download size, and this one consumes 1.4GB fewer data.

Like every other navigation apps on this list, this one also contains location sharing, pedestrian navigation, real-time route, voice navigation, and points of interest indications.

Some unique feature-packed in this one includes parking, fuel station and restaurant location and prices. Some of the standout features of this app require internet access, but you can enjoy the majority of its packed features once you have downloaded the offline maps.

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Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing: ViewRanger

Viewranger is a trail focused GPS navigation app with so many features for an app that is free of charge.

Viewranger offers a wide range of locations from all around the world with topographical maps, street maps, and satellite images inclusive.

Getting around with Viewranger is a piece of cake. All you have to do is tap on the explore option to check out trails and routes around you.

For an annual subscription fee, you get access to the skyline tool that allows you to use your phone camera. That’s to identify all the mountains and peaks where you are.

With Viewranger, you get an option to integrate your wear OS enabled smartwatch to view your GPS location, altitude, and track records.

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That is all on our list of navigation apps for your android smartphone. The applications included in this list are the best you can find in the google play store. Either one of them should cater to your navigating needs in your home country and abroad. If you do have any recommendations, please, let us know via the contact box.


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