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6 Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Parental control apps for android is one of the most search terms by parents who are looking to either control what their kids can access on the internet. You can also limit their onscreen time by using these apps.

Why are parents trying so hard to pry into their kids’ lives and control their activities? You only see parental control apps as a way of monitoring kids’ lives based on the perspective you are looking at this situation.

Let’s see this as a way of shielding children from the many ills of the internet. The internet has its advantages, and numerous research has confirmed that technology is a double-edged sword with as many disadvantages as well as benefits.

Now that the internet and technology have been confirmed to be a tool for negative influence, especially on kids. Taking technological gadgets away from them is not the best way to go about solving this issue.

How about giving them limited access to technology and the internet. Just the right sides of these things. How is it possible to shield them away from the negative influence of the internet? Well, we have parental control apps to solve this problem.

Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Parental control apps shield kids away from dangerous and improper contents scattered all over the internet. This article will do well to highlight some of the several parental control apps for android in a bid to help you keep your children safe.


Before we fully delve into our compilation of parental control apps for your android. It is crucial to shed more light on what parental control apps are and why you should use them.

What is Parental Controls?

The probability of a child having unrestricted access to adult contents, violence, and gory images is high if he comes in contact with a smartphone.

The internet is filled with all those things, and there is no “user recognition” system to know who is holding the phone.

To curb this display of inappropriate contents to children, some companies have come to the rescue. These companies have developed several free parental control apps for android.

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This gesture allows you as a parent to keep an eye on your kids with their parental control apps for android. What parental control apps do, in essence, is to give you as a parent the ability to manage your kids’ phone and internet usage. This way, you get to protect your children and their devices.

There are parental control apps which allows you to track your child’s internet activities right from your smartphone. Other parental control apps are mainly to monitor your child’s location at any point in time. It means you get to know where your child is without necessarily having to call them.

Do you need a parental control app to keep an eye on your children? Yes, you do. You do not need these apps only if you are mind reader or seer. Ordinary everyday people will never be able to tell what their kids do on the internet or where they are without a parental control app.

Yes, I just gave you another reason to use parental control apps for android.

Below this paragraph is a carefully selected list of parental control apps for android with the distinguishing features of each of them.

The features will be duly outlined in a bid to help you make a decision on which one is the absolute best for you.

Google Family Link for parents

Majority of the best apps for android had always been from google and google family link for parents is no exception. It’s one parental app for android that you can trust.

Google family link for parents has robust features in which you can track your children’s activities from your smartphone. You can manage the applications they use, choose the applications they can install and monitor their in-app purchases. Doing this will save them from emptying their savings on frivolities.

With google family link for android, you get the right to set limits for on-screen time. You can also lock your kid’s device any time you want and conveniently check their activities.

This parental control app for android has no advertisement, and it is a useful app to shield children and teenagers from the harms of the internet.

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Kids Place – Parental Control

Kids place is another excellent parental control app that you should consider in a bid to create a safe environment for your kids.

This android app has a launcher embedded in it. The launcher feature of kids place helps to change the overall look and feel of the phone. You also get to select the apps that your kids are allowed to use.

Father and Son
Father and Son

With kids place, you can block online purchases of android applications from the google play store. To prevent downloads from third-party sources that offer android apps for free.

Kids place has a feature to disable discovery of open Wi-Fi networks. Kids place allows you to restrict their screen-on-time; however, you wish.

As earlier mentioned, the apps you deemed safe to use by your kids can get included on the home screen of their smartphone.

I have tech-savvy kids, can’t they bypass this restriction by uninstalling this app? No, they can’t. Kids place has a security protocol which allows you to set a pin to prevent the uninstallation of the app. Without the pin, the app can never be uninstalled.

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Nintendo Switch Parental Controls™

Nintendo is a company that is well known for the fantastic video games that they push to the world of gaming enthusiasts.

Asides being an entertainment-oriented company, Nintendo also cares about the safety of kids. Its the initiative that led to the creation of Nintendo switch parental controls.

This app is geared towards monitoring kids’ activities on Nintendo’s latest gaming console – Nintendo Switch.

To protect your savings and money in the bank from being frivolously spent by your kid, Nintendo included a feature that limits their buying.

Just like google family link, this parental control app for android contains no advertisement.

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Screen Time Parental Control

As the name implies, screen time parental control allows you to take charge of your kids’ on-screen time on their smartphone.

This parental control app for android is geared towards keeping your children from spending too much time with their smartphone.

Additionally, you are allowed to block the screen of your kid’s smartphone at certain times. You can turn it off during bedtime and every other time you feel they should be off their phone.

The Best Parental Control Apps for Android
The Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Apps can also be individually blocked to restrict usage. Asides having total control over android apps, devices such as amazon kindle, Apple iPhone, and Kindle devices can also be limited.

There is a real-time notification engine embedded in screen time parental control app. This feature alerts you every time your kid installs a new app. You are also notified if they input a search term on any search engine website with the inclusion of their most-used apps’ data.

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Qustodio Parental Control

Qustodio is one of those parental control apps that allows you to remotely take charge of your kid’s smartphone from your smartphone.

The most outstanding features of this parental control app are call blocking, daily reports of child’s activities, and location monitoring. Restriction of games/apps and an emergency feature to alert family members of impending harm or an actual one are some of the features we love.

Qustodio application is free to use, and you get to block inappropriate websites with an included dashboard automatically.

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Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky is a well-known giant in the anti-virus industry. They have applications for every mobile and personal computer platforms you can ever think of right now.

Why Kaspersky SafeKids as a parental control app for your android? The logic is simple; Kaspersky products are primarily to prevent adults from facing virus and malware attacks.

Happy Father and Daughter
Happy Father and Daughter

Children face worse dangers while surfing the internet. To curb this danger faced by kids making use of the internet, Kaspersky anti-virus developers have created an app which allows you to restrict your children’s mobile. They don’t have access to gory and adult related contents.

With Kaspersky SafeKids, you also get features like on-screen-time limitation and suspicious search results blockage.

With Kaspersky application on your android device, you get to monitor your child’s online activities real-time from your device. There are two versions for this app, the freemium and the premium.

With the premium version of Kaspersky SafeKids, you get access to more exclusive features like a visual representation of your kids’ location on the map. There is also real-time notifications, Facebook activity monitoring, and battery level alerts.

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These are the best Parental Control Apps for Android and we hope you find one that serves your need here. Let us know what you think about these apps.


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