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12 Best Pdf to Word Converter For Android 2019

12 best pdf to word converter for android 2019

The shift from the use of computers to smartphones has seen a rapid surge in recent years. This development has made the use of smartphones prolific. While computers have experienced a decline in its use for various tasks which can quickly be done via smartphones.

Among such tasks is the accessing of documents of different extensions. From words.doc to excel .xls, all files can be accessed with your smartphone. Of these files, pdf is dominant. This is easy to share data, and it is the preferred choice for any document accessed on mobile devices.

But this works perfectly fine when all you do with the pdf is to read without editing. Editing PDF on your smartphone is often seen as one of the downsides of accessing documents on smartphones because users are not at liberty to edit such files.

However, with the use of PDF to word converter applications, you can edit such PDF documents quickly by converting to word, edit, then convert to pdf. Such apps for androids abound in the Google Play store, but most Android users have downloaded several low-quality PDF converters which provide slow conversions. Here are just 12 quality PDF to word converter for android devices which can be accessed via Google Play store.

WPS PDF to word converter

Apowersoft PDF converter

Office Suite

Google Drive PDF

Easy PDF

Light PDF

Able2Extract PDF converter

PDF conversion suite

PDF to Word converter

PDF to Word

PDF Converter Pro

Small PDF

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WPS PDF to word converter

Unarguably one of the best and most popular Office suites available on the Google Play Store. WPS can be said to be a perfect match to Microsoft’s Office Word. With WPS you have a whole lot of editing tools at your disposal, whether you wish to edit an excel file, a Word doc, WPS got you covered. Conversion of PDF files to word can also be done with WPS. Conversion requires that you sign up for its premium package. WPS is also available for Mac and Windows PC.

Apowersoft PDF converter


Teased as a one-stop application. Apowersoft PDF converter quickly helps you convert your PDF to Word documents at a go. Conversion of PDF takes a swift pace and occurs in batches. Users can also download original files as well as edited files from Apowersoft. Aside from the PDF to word conversion, Apowersoft can be used to convert PDF to other data as well as vice versa. Apowersoft is available for download on the Google Play store.

Office Suite


Another PDF to word converter known for its diversity, Office suite can be used to create, edit, and view files in words which can then be converted to PDF. Aside from that, it allows users to convert from PDF to word doc. Office suite supports various formats which include DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPT, PPS, ODS, CVS, ZIP. The conversion of these file extensions can be done with Office suite. Devices running with an Android version 7.0 and above can open two documents simultaneously with its split-screen function. Office Suite also allows converted files via cloud services such as Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, and One drive. The downside to using Office Suite is that some of the critical features require you to upgrade to its premium package before it can be accessed.

Google Drive


This may sound surprising, but Google Drive can be tweaked to convert PDF to word docs. With a Google account and the Google Drive application on your smartphone, you are armed with all you need to convert PDF to word via Google Drive. To convert your PDF to word via Google drive you need to

  • Upload your file to Google Drive
  • Navigate to File, then select Save as
  • Choose from the various file extensions, doc or docx.

After choosing whatever file extension, you wish to save your file as Google drive creates a copy of your file which can be downloaded to your device. Aside word, Google Drive can be used to convert from any file extension to another, i.e., PDF to Word, PDF to zip, word to PDF e.t.c.

Easy PDF


Easy PDF is one of the best converter applications for androids. Users can convert from PDF to word without any limitation of any sort. Aside from PDF to word, Easy PDF supports the conversion from other file extensions. Easy PDF provides users with an ad-free experience with access to its full functionality. Easy PDF allows users to upload files from Dropbox and Google Drive. It is also available Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

Light PDF


Though not an Android app, Light PDF is one of the best PDF to word converter for Android devices. A completely free tool, Light PDF facilitates the conversion of various file extensions irrespective of the file size. With Light PDF, there’s no need to sign up, as users can easily visit their website. Aside conversion of various file extensions, Light PDF facilitates multiple PDF file mergers, text and image watermark, page splitting, and addition of signature all in good quality.


Able2Extract PDF converter


Another PDF to word converter app that is sure to provide you with top-quality conversion is the Able2Extract PDF converter. With this app, users are at liberty to convert PDF to word with limitations, irrespective of file size. Aside word, the app allows conversion to excel and PowerPoint files. However, a PDF reader is necessary to view the result of your conversion. The downside to using the app is that conversion takes up to an hour. For a fast conversion, it is recommended you purchase Able2Extract Fast Conversions.

PDF conversion suite


Whether you intend to convert from PDF to word or vice verse, PDF conversion suite makes the conversion very easy. Conversion occurs in an instant, which makes it a top choice. PDF conversion suite is free with no premium package. It can run on Android version with the operating system as low as 4.1.

PDF to Word Converter

pdf to word

A very easy to use app, PDF to word converter is another app that keeps your conversion in good quality. Users can convert as well as scan PDF to editable words doc. There is no set limit to the number of conversions to be made. Documents can be uploaded from cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. But conversion takes up to an hour.

PDF to word

pdf to

Another application of great choice is the PDF to word which allows quick conversion of PDF to word documents as well as other extensions. Aside from that PDF can also be converted to PNG, JPG and vice versa.  PDF to word is fully equipped with document translator features. Though a great pick, PDF to word doc sometimes is slow.

PDF converter pro


Conversion with the PDF converter pro is straightforward. PDF to word conversion is one of the prominent features of the app though it allows for conversion to other file extensions. All uploaded files are backed up immediately. Conversions are accurate and top quality. PDF converter pro is suitable for conversion a couple of times, but the conversion of many files require you subscribe to its premium package. PDF converter pro allows three free conversions after which you are to sign up for it is a premium package to continue conversions.

Small PDF


Though not an Android app, small PDF is a free drag and drop online of to word converter with fast and quality conversions. Users can convert two files at once with its free version.

These are the best PDF to word converter for Android devices available online. While most of them are free with premium features, some are not. But these PDF to Word converters are sure to give you the best conversions accurate and speedy. Aside from PDF to word conversions; they also have a variety of features which will be sure to be beneficial to you. Do check them out.


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