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Top Bible Apps for Android 2019

Bible apps for android is probably the most searched query by Christians who probably forgot the hard copy of their holy book in one location or the other. The bibe app is among the many advantages of smartphones in modern times.

Top Bible Apps for Android 2019

With Android smartphones, users have access to millions of applications hosted on the google play store. One of such apps for android users who are Christians, history students, and researchers remain the bible.

For the need of those who are looking out for the best bible apps for android, we have compiled a list of our top bible apps. You can make your choice from our comprehensive list of bible application.


Being a sacred text that is crucial to the foundation and existence of one of the most popular religions in the world, the bible is a holy book for every Christian.

The Bible application that can be gotten from the play store has both an audio-based and an electronic printed version of the sacred texts contained in the Bible.

In this bible android app, you get an unadulterated version of the bible. If you happen to be a Christian who is also modern, you can get this application for your android smartphone right now.

With this bible app for android, you get to access the holy book in more than one hundred and fifty languages. This bible app is suitable for just about anyone in any country.

The best part of it all, this bible application for android is completely free.

Additional features you are going to get if you decide to stick to this bible app is the ability to change your font size for easier reading.

You can also adjust the color schemes, enjoy easy navigation, and sections. You can perform the functions above and many more when you are connected to the internet.

On the other hand, if you happen to find yourself in an area with poor network reception, all you’d be able to access are the additional features you deemed fit to download for offline use while in an area with good reception.

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MyBible application for android is also another fantastic app for every staunch believer and researchers alike.

With great functionalities and a high user review on google play store, this app has the edge over all the others as the seemingly best bible application for android.

The very first noticeable thing about the MyBible app for android is a robust settings panel. This settings panel has categories like swipes and touches, display, language, and many more.

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To further simplify things for those who are not conversant with the android operating system, the developers did well to include a detailed instruction to aid an easy start for every user.

We recommend that every reader should check out the included instructions by the developers before using this android bible app.

The icing on the cake with this app is that, unlike the one above it, it does not require an internet connection to function full scale. All of its features are accessible without an internet connection.

There is a catch for this whole offline android bible thing. If you plan to access the digitally printed texts of the bible in another language, you have to download such version beforehand via the modules feature.

Searching for bible chapters and verses has never been easier as this bible app for android has an algorithm which allows you to explore with keywords in an instant.

Other functions of MyBible app that you might enjoy includes;

  • Reading plans: Take this with its literary meaning. It only refers to what you plan to read.
  • Reading places: This utilizes your phone’s GPS functionality to display the locations where you have read the bible.
  • Themes: With themes, you can change the overall appearance of the MyBible application to any preset of choice.
  • Notes; Just like on Sundays when you can jot down essential prayer points, MyBible android app also allows you to take notes for later use.

The best thing about this application is that it is free for life. The developers see making this app open as a way of contributing to humanity. Despite MyBible being a free bible app for android, it holds its front well enough.

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Best Bible Apps for Android
Best Bible Apps for Android

Bible Offline

Bible offline solves a critical problem for several android users who would love to read the bible with or without the internet.

As the name aptly suggests, Bible Offline is an offline version of one of the world’s most digitally printed sacred texts, the bible.

It means that you get to use the app and enjoy its content, anywhere, any day and anytime. When you are feeling too tired to read or without motivation, you can listen to the audio version of the bible.

If you do prefer learning in a language other than English, you can download the language of choice. It’s that easy.

Bible Offline has some other benefits, and they include;

  • Reading plans
  • Themes to enable you to change the appearance of the Bible offline’s interface.
  • An audio version.
  • Reading progress monitor
  • Efficient searching system
  • Changeable font size

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Bible: Daily Verses, Prayer, Audio Bible, Devotion

Here is one bible app for android that guarantees your closeness to God. What it brings to the table is more than just a digitally printed version of the holy text. For instance, just having the bible app on your android smartphone means you get to learn a new bible verse every day. The push notification feature sends a bible verse to your screen every day for as long as you have the application on your phone. Asides from the bible being accessible in an offline mode, you can share verses of the Scripture with friends and family members.

The bible app also has a quiz for the improvement of your spiritual journey.

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Bible by Olive Tree

The most famous olive tree product is undoubtedly among the best Bible apps for android users. The Olive tree Bible app has a lot of functions with the inclusion of auto-scroll, personal records, bookmarks, text selection, and many more.

To further endear users to the Bible app by olive Tree, there are extra features like dictionaries, multimedia, audio bibles, biblical comments, and concordances.

If you happen to be bilingual, you can easily translate this bible app from English to other languages. You can select between Spanish, French, German, or other available literature.

The spectacular feature of this app is the availability of biblical texts in the original languages they were written. Also contained in the catalog is Qumran (a non-biblical version of the sacred texts).

In total, there are more than 1400 adaptations of the bible from different authors both in centuries past and nowadays.

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Bible App for Kids

Train them young is a saying that cuts across all spheres of life. Christians believe in the logic of training their kids in the way of the Lord.

That is where bible app for kids come into play. This bible application for kids on android smartphones is aimed at educating Christian children.

Just like the bible, this app is into many parts and to teach a child each of the components, the part in question must be individually downloaded.

To effectively teach the children about the bible and the way of the lord, the bible app for kids takes a picture and text approach. It means that for every section you open, the texts contained therein are accompanied with corresponding pictures. That’s in a bid to make the learning process fun for kids.

Getting a kid’s attention is one thing: maintaining concentration over a long period is another. Bible app for kids has that aspect covered as well with its voiceover functionality that narrates everything that is on the screen an intriguing way.

A picture tells a thousand stories, what’s more, better at telling a story is a live picture. The live images in bible apps for kids glue the child to the screen of the smartphone aching to see the next life picture that promises to teach them more about the word of God.

The user interface of this bible app for kids is colorful as well as interactive as there are certain decorative elements across the layout. Some of the parts are there to trigger a pleasant reaction.

The many intriguing aspects of catching the fancy of kids and make them learn the bible are endless. There is also an inclusion of soundtracks and animations that match perfectly.

There is a game element where kids get to look for crystals to earn starlets. This game has no definitive advantage other than to keep children within the bible app.

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Thank you for checking out these bible apps for android. Make sure you share this post with your friends and family members. You have no idea if they need a bible app on their android phone.


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