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Reset Gmail Password Without A Recovery Phone Number or Email

Reset Gmail Password Without A Recovery Phone Number or Email

Having your Gmail password reset without a clue to your phone number or a recovery email can turn out a living hell especially when you are yet to know that there are more ways than one to kill a rat.

Well, before I scare you with the perceived difficulty involved in recovering your Gmail password without a phone number or recovery email, it will be nice if we take a look back at the good old times when it all started good and rosy between you and your Gmail account.

Just like every other person, opening a Gmail account comes with lots of high-end expectation. Such expectations could range from the ease of sending and receiving information or gaining access to a particular site that requires your email address to access its content. In other cases, opening a Gmail account could come in response for the need to have an unlimited cloud storage space where you can dump all your files without a second thought about exhausting the available space there.

So, while opening a Gmail account for whichever reason, that got you into having one, guiding your account jealously with the most difficult to imagine security questions and measures were all you did with joy and confidence that no hacker or software will be able to hijack your account for any reason. Even aside from the usual password and security questions, many people went as far as adding a second layer of security to their Gmail account to ensure that they are the only being that can have access to such an account.

With all these security measures to protect your account, things would move on very fine and smoothly since you are sure that you are the only one having access to your Gmail account. But, at a point, a change of device or even theft of device may lead to a break in the smooth journey between yourself and your Gmail account. At this point, account verification will be required for you to continue having access to your account. During such a scenario, the phone number with which you used in opening your account will be required, and if there is a second layer of security like a recovery email, this will also be required.

If all these options are nowhere to be found or you can’t have access to them at the moment, if you think of yourself as getting into deep trouble, you aren’t far from the truth.

However, as stated earlier, if either due to theft to your device is the reason why you can’t have access to your phone number or a recovery email, there are some other ways you can reset your Gmail password and regain access to your account.

Nevertheless, patience is required if you truly want to get things done the way Google wishes to go about this – remember, you are no more in control. Instead, you are only trying to get some help from the mercy of the options Google will provide you with.


Resetting You Gmail Password Without Recovery Phone Number or Email.

When you don’t have access to your Gmail account, things can go so awkward. Typical of such uncomfortable experience is no access to Emails, YouTube, Google Drive, Google+, Google Maps, and other relevant platforms.

Since there is no access to your recovery phone number or email, having access to your Gmail account can be done in various ways. And for this post, I shall be discussing these ways of resetting your Gmail password in detailed step-by-step stages.


Stage One – Try Remembering Your Password

Before we go any further into resetting your Gmail password, the first thing that should come to mind is trying to recollect your password. Yes, it may sound funny and annoying, but you never can tell, you may hit luck, and one of the random passwords you are trying may be your password.

Doing this may not be as easy as advising here, but once you calm down and scan your brain thoroughly, you may find the password hanging somewhere in your head. More so, to help you faster, you may have to cycle through other online accounts and their passwords. With this, you can identify the missing one and then figure it out.


Stage Two – Try Another Option

  1. Open
  2. Enter your Email ID
  3. Click on “more ways to sign in.”

Reset Gmail Password Without A Recovery Phone Number or Email

This will lead you to another layout where different options for logging in appears

  1. Click on “forgot password.”

Reset Gmail Password Without A Recovery Phone Number or Email

Once you click on “forgot password,” another page will option with various options to help you in resetting your Gmail password.

  1. The first option will prompt you to enter the last password you can remember using for your account. If you can, do that and go your way. But if you cant, click on “try another way.”

Reset Gmail Password Without A Recovery Phone Number or Email

At this point, you will see another option asking for you to confirm the phone number that you used when opening your Gmail account. Since this isn’t already unavailable, there is no need for wasting any time here.

So, at this point, the next option will be to visit Google’s Account Support Page, where you’ll be asked some security questions that will help you to verify your Gmail account.


Stage Three – Device Verification Method

If you activated a phone verification channel while creating your Gmail account, this could help you when you are in some tight corner like this. This method works like this;

  1. Go to the Google Account Support page
  2. Type in your Email address
  3. Click on NEXT

This will bring the first option for you which s reeving a verification via a text message. Since your phone number isn’t available, you have to ignore this and

  1. Click on “Try another way” Another option will come up requesting if you want to get a prompt on your device to reset your password? (Ensure that your other device is around with you since this prompt is valid for only a few minutes)Reset Gmail Password Without A Recovery Phone Number or Email
  2. On your other device (usually your phone), you will receive a prompt.
  3. Tap on YES, then click on the number that is shown on your login screenReset Gmail Password Without A Recovery Phone Number or Email

After clicking on the number displayed on the login screen, another page will open prompting you to enter a new password for your Gmail account.

  1. On the next page that opens, enter a secure and easy to remember that is known only to yourself. With this, you are good to have access back into your Gmail account.

Sure, you see that this option is an easy way to reset your Gmail password. Well, to use this other option, you must have already chosen your device (in this case, not phone number) as one of your account recovery option.


Stage Four – Using Month and Year

However, if you didn’t set your device as one of your Gmail password recovery option, you may have to go back to the Google Account Support page once again.

  1. Enter your email address and click on proceed
  2. Click on “Try another way” to skip any step that you don’t have information to use, e.g., recovery phone number or recovery email.Reset Gmail Password Without A Recovery Phone Number or Email
  3. Once you keep clicking on “Try another way” to skip all those steps you can’t use, it will open you to another page where it requires your Month and Year.

At this point, you will be required to answer a question that may be easy or difficult to you depending on how important you attached to it while opening your Gmail account

  1. When did you create this Google AccountReset Gmail Password Without A Recovery Phone Number or Email

By this question, you are required to provide the exact year and month when you created your Gmail account. Once you can give these answers correctly, congratulations because the next page for you to change and reset your password will open.

Anyways, there is still one more option – answer account security questions. Well, I wouldn’t like to bore you with this step since it doesn’t work independently on its own like other options. What this option does is redirect you to the page where you will have to input your recovery email address or phone number. Remember, the absence of these two requirements is the reason why you are fretting and looking for an alternative way to reset your Gmail password.


Bottom Line

Unforeseen situations come without an announcement. For this reason, it is crucial and wise to have multiple security alternatives and measures while opening a Gmail account. Where you only set up a few security options for your Gmail account, you are invariably giving yourself a few chances of recovering your account in a case where one, or the only security option isn’t working.

On a final note, Google is a security-conscious website that wants to ensure that your account is meant only for you and you alone. So, if you can’t prove to Google that you are the valid owner of a Gmail account whose password you want to reset, Google will play blind eyes and deaf ears to all your password reset request.

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