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10 Best Shooting Games for Android

Best Shooting Games for Android:

Video games take us away from the harsh realities of this world. Gone are the days when video games were limited to personal computers only, thanks to smartphones.

We now have sophisticated games on mobile that can be played anywhere over a long period. Due to the massive batteries, smartphones come equipped with over time.

One of the most popular genres of mobile games is shooting. Shooting games allow players to take part in the action that is ongoing on the screen. It is a big way to unwind from the stress of our daily lives.

There is a wide range of games to select from on Google Play Store. This genre of shooting games includes the first-person shooter, retro shoot them ups and many more.

There is a humongous number of shooting games for android on the google play store. One thing that classifies the boring ones from the exciting ones is the user experience.

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Forget about some of these games being on play store. Many games are outrightly terrible and not worth your data or time.

On the other hand, some unusual ones are worth checking out as they comprise bullets, explosions, targets, and actions that create intense engagement.

Best Shooting Games for Android

In this article, we are going to consider every factor to give you a highlight of our choice of the very best shooting games for android.

This list is not an exclusive one as it includes both old and new games that are contenders in today’s mobile game world. Every of the game that will be on this list is of high quality and decent graphics, missions, and side quests.

I know you have been itching to hear about the payment. But the best part of all of these games is that they are free. None of these games is going to cost you a penny except you are interested in the several in-app purchases.

These purchases are optional, and you can as well enjoy your phone without them. Now to the list of shooting android games handpicked for you;


If you are on the lookout for first-person shooter games, then bullet force should be your very first choice. It is an offline game that you can as well enjoy in areas with low connectivity or with no connectivity at all.

There are several game modes included in this one and the long list of game modes for bullet force first-person shooter game. We have PVP multi-player, Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Gun Game, and Conquest.

You have a plethora of guns to choose from, and your collection includes pistols, assault rifles, Tec 9 gun, AK47s and many more.

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This game may have never crossed your path, but the voices of over 100,000,000 gamers who downloaded this mobile game can never be wrong.

Sniper 3D has a lot of scenarios alongside hundreds of missions to play, the plethora of weapon choices, bomb attacks, zombies, slow-motion shots, hostage survival, and other intriguing features.

Sniper 3D is an addictive game with highly intuitive controls with an option to play offline.

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top Shooting Games for Android
Top Shooting Games for Android


Pewpew brings a new definition to shooting games on mobile as it is a multidirectional shoot them up game.

The game has the least number of modes so far as it only has five Stages which are chromatic conflict, dodge this, assault, asteroids and pandemonium.

With Pewpew you get to compete by climbing up leaderboards, winning medals and unlocking ships.

Other Pewpew mobile game features include online plays, android set-top box controller support, and a high frame-rate.

One thing this game has going for it is its removal of adverts and in-app purchases, which is a rare thing to see in mobile games these days.

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Critical ops is another intriguing shooting game for mobile. You get to choose whether to fight as an individual or to team up with friends.

There are three modes in the game; they include, defuse (two teams fight against and for the detonation of a bomb), Team Death Match and gun game.

The gameplay is as smooth as it can be and the in-app purchases are only for when you feel like customizing your gun.

Tactical skills and sharp reflexes are the strong points considered for any player with the potential to come out victorious at the end of the game.

For a game that is still under development, the game is tense and exciting enough, and it can only get better as we are yet to see what the developers have in store.

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On the mobile gaming scene, Dead Trigger 2 is a massive success has it contains every element to make a successful shooting game.

As the title suggests, the game gets intense as you fight your way through a zombie apocalypse. There are 50 weapon types, ten regions, and 33 environments to play in.

All in all, the game contains over 600 scenarios with tournaments where you can compete with opponents in a battle to win real life prizes.

The graphics for dead trigger 2 is good enough, and the frequent updates add new and exciting elements to the already intriguing game.

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N.O.V.A Legacy is a science-fiction 3D mobile game where you get to play as a marine veteran. The opponents of the colonial administration forces are to be dealt with to protect the destiny of humanity.

The war veteran KalWardin gets the job done with the assistance of an AI agent Yelena. There is also a multiplayer mode where you get to play in arenas with eight opponents.

You can find 3D models and skins which are available for every users’ customization. There is also a cam” that replays as you eliminate your enemies.

The available game modes are special ops, shadow missions, and story mode. The gameplay offers an immersive experience in its world of competitive combat.

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Shooting Games for Android
Shooting Games for Android


Sky force reloaded is another arcade shoot them up, modern game setup with a retro theme but in a contemporary world.

This game is rated the best among the top shooting games for mobile. With daring missions and 15 stages covering both air rival and naval forces, you get to assemble your aircraft and add your very own desired features.

There are hundreds of upgrades available for use, and the carefully selected soundtrack helps to spice up the already immersive game.

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Guns of boom remain my most customizable game of the moment as the gameplay has a dynamic PVP. It has an easy to learn and intuitive control, AR spectator mode, and cartoon-style graphics.

Guns of boom have extensive character customizations. You also get regular updates, maps, and an event to play with several other players across the globe.

This game’s rating on play store is no hype and a gamer playing for the first time will have no other option than to reckon with its uniqueness.

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Overkill 3 is an adrenaline-filled third-person shooting game with a wide range of options for guns customization. In the gameplay, you need to fight your way up to become a resistance leader.

This achievement is no mean task as you will need every of your strategic knowledge to survive the opposing faction’s rebellion to become the hero of the day.

The game has an online profile system which displays your achievements and statistics. The multiplayer mode features a leaderboard, daily tournaments, lobby room, in-game chats, and a reward system.

Overkill 3’s gameplay features a vast range of scenery, such as industrial sites and deserts. In your quest, you will encounter snipers, assault squads, and soldiers who are all out to get you.

For additional protection, you get a nano-suit. There is, however, an endless mode where you need to maintain the integrity of a specific generator that can attack your enemies with lightning.

The game has a lot of in-app purchases for you to buy from and the in-app-purchases in this game is massive. It is nearly impossible to do without them.

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Major Mayhem 2 is a simple looking arcade game for mobile that is often overlooked by a lot of gamers. Do not ever make this mistake. Doing so will mean you get to miss out on one of the very best arcade shooter game.

There is also a touch of humor included in the storyline to ease the tension of the exhilarating game. This feature is to add to the already good deal,

It is hard to believe that this mobile game is still under development. At its current stage, it is already near perfect.

The features included in major mayhem two consists of 50 levels of action. There are also five big boss fights, survival challenge mode and loads of weapons.

As the main character in major mayhem 2, you get to dodge bullets and rescues hostages to get close to 150 medals. Doing this task will be your priority in the bid to save the world.

This shooting game for android also has an offline mode. You can play at your convenience without getting worried about your mobile data.

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Thank you for checking out our post on best shooting games for android. Share with us the games you have played on android. Please share this post with your fellow gamers.


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