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Where Can I Download Free Audiobooks

12 Places to Download free audiobooks for Android

Where can I download free audiobooks? If all you want is a list of places, websites or Android apps where you can download free audiobooks, then you are at the right place.

Audiobooks are fantastic and having access to free audiobooks can help you save some dollars that would have been used for subscriptions.

Audiobooks offer accessible knowledge which doesn’t tie you down. You don’t get to sit all day reading a book as you can easily plug in your headphone and listen to your favourite book while doing other things like jogging cooking cleaning the house and many more.

There are loads of websites that offer thousands of audiobooks for free online, and some of this website have their apps in the Google play store. We will be discussing these websites and as well provide the link of their applications on the Google Play store.

Where can I download free audiobooks

Your search has ended here as you will get access to websites that offer free audio books, download and streaming.

The sites we will be discussing on this post offer free audiobooks legally. You can help the author grow by leaving reviews and their books after listening.

1. LibriVox

This website is number one because of its vast collections of free audiobooks.
You get to find your favourite audiobook through several ways that include searching by title, subject, author or language.

LibriVox makes access to audiobooks easy as it allows you to receive new audiobooks by podcast. It also works on mobile devices with its app on Google play store.

You can download chapters of the book you are listening to in zip file directly from this audiobook website.

Get their free Android app from the button below.

LibriVox app

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2. Podbean

Podbean is another exciting platform to download and listen to audiobooks.
With Podbean, you can listen to Great collection of free books that are written by best sellers and classics.

Their categories range from literature, comedy, humour, history and others. You can sign up to download audiobooks from this app or website for free.
Their application for Android offers in-app purchases, but it is compatible with every Android phone.

The Podbean app is also noted as a top trending podcasts app of global best 2017 in Google play store with over 60k reviews.

Download the app from Google play store below.

Podbean app

3. Spotify

You can also get free audiobooks from Spotify. Most of all these audiobooks are classics that are in the public domain. However, if you are a Spotify user, already you can check out audiobooks on the platform.

Places to Download Free Audiobooks for Android

The service always adds the Spotify audiobook playlist, and they are entirely free to listen to, but you can go premium if you find the advertisements offensive.

The Spotify app for Android is, however, not compatible with some Android operating system, and not all countries of the world can use this application. You can go ahead and check the Google play store if you can download from your country.

spotify app

4. Loyal books

Loyal books is another platform to download free public domain audiobooks without stress.

You have access to genres like adventure, comedy, fairy tales, fantasy, history, fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction, philosophy, romance, science, fiction, short stories, and many more.

You can also download free audiobooks for kids in different languages that include Chinese, French, German, Italian, English and more.

Loyal books rank as one of the best platforms to download free audiobooks legally.

Try the loyal books app from google play store below.

5. Open culture

Another platform to download hundreds and thousands of free audiobooks which are majorly classics to your Android device is open culture.

You can find great works of poetry, fiction and nonfiction by great authors around the world. There are over 800 thousand free ebooks for iPad kindle other devices.

Open culture has been existing since September 2006 till date and boast of a vast collection of books for listening, and you can access it all for free.

Visit Open Culture’s website here.

6. Librophile

Librophile is an amazing audiobooks download website that has an excellent user interface. With its good navigation, you can search for any audiobook of your choice through genre, author and other means.

There is a description for every book as well as cover, chapters, preview and download link.

Librophile allows you to listen to audiobooks online or save to your collection. However, some premium books require payment to be made before you can listen or download them.

With Librophile, you can explore over 100,000 thousand free digital books all in one place. Access Librophile from here.

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7. Learn Out Loud

Learn out loud gives you access to over 10,000 thousand free education audiobooks.
This online book store has a massive collection of audiobooks that are centred on politics, religion, philosophy, science.

You can also get audiobooks that focus on lectures, Sermons, interview, biographies and many more.

All you need to do to get free audiobooks from here is to create an account with them then sort the audiobook of your choice and download.

Just like other audiobook websites, you can stream online or download your desired audiobook as MP3. Visit Learn out loud from here.

8. Project Gutenberg

In project Gutenberg, you have access to free books that are in the public domain.

Unlike some of these audiobook websites, Project Gutenberg has an even more extensive collection of books that can educate you on a wide range of things.

Project Gutenberg also offers computer-read audiobooks. Computer read audiobooks can be horrible when compared with human-read audiobooks.

You can try project Gutenberg through this link here.

9. Lit2Go

If what you need is beyond the ordinary audiobooks you can find in any other site. Then this website should have more options for you.

Lit2Go offers you audiobooks about plays, short stories, and poems that can be beneficial for educational use majorly.

Where Can I Download Free Audiobooks
Android Apps to Download Free Audiobooks

By using this service, you get citation information playtime and word count. Shakespeare’s book, Hamlet, is a typical example of audiobooks found on this website.

One beautiful thing about Lit2Go is that it offers a PDF copy of the audiobook you are listening to for you to read along as the audio plays.

10. Sync

Sync is a free summer program for teens. This program allows both teenagers or adults who are looking 4 YA audiobooks to access it for free.

The program is sponsored by audio file magazine and delivered by overdrive. This program allows the participants to access a lot of contemporary audiobooks.

According to audio file magazine, you can listen as a family. You can also listen on-the-go or in your quiet time to all curated impressive list of audiobooks for kids and teens.

Explore other times & places, family & community themes, fantastic worlds, and familiar classics. There is always something for everyone!

11. Internet Archive

Internet archive is one place to access thousands of free audiobooks. It allows you to filter the audiobook download in specific criteria.

Internet archive provides you with multiple audio format options when downloading and you decide to download in bulk or individual chapters.

There are thousands of books on this platform, but the problem is that some of these audiobooks are poorly named and cannot be easily recognised at first glance.

Also, there are not too many non-English audiobook downloads for those from non-English speaking countries.

Internet archive can be your best spot to find audiobooks because it has around 18,000 thousand results for audiobooks and poetry.

12. Scribd

Scribd is not just an audiobook download platform; you can also download and read documents, files, textbooks and others.

Scribd is not free, but you can have access for 30 days before you will be charged a token for the next 30 days.

Scribd, unlike other paid audiobook platforms, does not tie you down with one or two books. Your subscription covers every album you find on the platform.

In conclusion, you have over 12 places to get audiobooks for free, and you shouldn’t be out of audiobooks to listen to if you check out this post.

If your earlier asked question was “Where Can I Download Free Audio Books?” I believe that this post has given you a whole lot of options on where you can stream, download and listen to audiobooks for free.

It’s your turn to share this post and let us know what you think about these audiobook sources. You can use the comment section below.

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